Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Max Dinello
Janet Morse
Gender Male (Dinello)
Female (Morse)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Schoolteacher (Dinello)
Lawyer (Morse; formerly)
School cafeteria staff (Morse)
Pathology Conspirators
Bomber (Dinello)
Attempted mass murderer (Dinello)
Murderer (Dinello)
Incriminator (Morse)
Modus Operandi Attempted bombing
No. of Victims 1+ attempted
1 killed
1 framed
Status Both incarcerated

(Janet Permanently disbarred)

Portrayed By Adam Busch (Dinello)
Jeanette Brox (Morse)
First Appearance Dead of the Class

Max Dinello and Janet Morse are two conspirators that move to clean up criminal plots, Dinello in an attempted bombing and mass murder, and later a murder, Morse in a frame job. The two are ex-classmates of David Phillips and both appear in Dead of the Class in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Dinello and Morse were far from the tops of the social food chains in their high schools in 1998. Dinello was the quirky kid, close friends with student Caroline Hartwell, who was studying art and made a plaster mask of her face, and Morse was "busting [her] ass" trying to succeed in school to become a lawyer, earning the honor of class valedictorian. The popular kids, including queen bee Becca Sabin and sports star Sean McHenry, constantly made fun of Hartwell amongst many other students. But she was one of the hardest hit in her own school, to the point where she fatally hanged herself at her home. Dinello was severely traumatized by this, to the point of wanting revenge against the kids that drove Hartwell into despair and the school system not saving her at the campus. Shattering her plaster mask, he pieced it in a homemade pipe bomb he constructed, which he placed in the sealing in a back closet by the gym and planned to detonate in a mass murder-suicide to get revenge and to make the school remember Hartwell for how she ended up. Dinello regretted his decision when he was inspired by another teacher who genuinely cared for his students. Dinello turned his life around that day and became a teacher himself, specifically dedicating his passion to helping kids in despair like his dear friend he lost to suicide. He never took the bomb out of the school and dismantled it, despite always dreading it would go off even accidentally, but he still carried forward with his life. Morse, on the other hand, lost hopes of her career when after a while, her credentials and hard work weren't enough in the fields she endeavored in when the worlds she would go through would keep vying after beauty and business even in professional settings and atmospheres. She returned to the school as well, working in the cafeteria, but she never loved her job and wanted better opportunities. The high school class reunion seemed to be the chance for both of them. Dinello hoped the festivities would be enough a distraction he could take the bomb away safely and never be caught even on suspicion, hoping to still keep the life he made and continue his work and support. Morse would soon after run in head first at the chance of playing lawyer when it all went south.

Dead of the Class[]

When Dinello was trying to diffuse the bomb with liquid nitrogen, Sabin, working in the team managing the reunion, came in and saw he was there. Dinello was so startled, he spilled some of the liquid nitrogen, which dropped and froze in Sabin's throat and stomach, causing her to suffocate. Dinello, in a desperate attempt to save her while also saving himself, took a knife he brought him and forced her onto the table so he could cut her frozen tissue out in a crude tracheotomy. Instead, with how much she struggled in her terror, he slashed her throat and killed her. Morse found out what happened and offered to help him cover it up, taking the knife and his bloody clothes and throwing them out in the trash cans behind the liquor store McHenry would later be at, taking the chance of framing him in the process. Dinello leaves Sabin in the closet, but she's later found when her blood drips into the soap being used for the gym's bubble machine, which turns the bubbles red. David Phillips notices this and personally discovers her dead, calling the CSIs and closing off the crime scene. When McHenry's suspected from the frame job, as well as being Sabin's high school sweetheart, Morse appears as his counsel, hoping to put her tuition to the test, having lied about her success in her career throughout the reunion. It also scores her, by matter of opinion, McHenry being attracted to her simply for being his counsel. But the team, having found the pipe bomb, reconstruct the plaster mask and find Hartwell's face. not only that, but they find Dinello's print from '98. He's brought in for questioning, and he says he'll save them time, starting his full confession with admitting he killed Sabin. He then relays the bomb, his life, and the high school reunion that went wrong. Morse is brought in when she's fingered as an accessory. Crying she confesses and laments on her failures, glad she lived some glory in the investigation. Julie Finlay later tells Phillips the two will be incarcerated for, although not first-degree crimes, still serious charges landing them jail time and on their permanent records.

Modus Operandi[]

Dinello targeted the school for the bullying and suicide of Caroline Hartwell. He constructed a pipe bomb off of Hartwell's plaster mask in art class, hid it in a closet ceiling tile, and planned to detonate it during a school day. When he changed his mind, the bomb was left in the ceiling for fifteen years. When he came back to diffuse it, he used liquid nitrogen, which accidentally spilled into Becca Sabin's throat and digestive system. He tried to save her with a crude tracheotomy using a pocket knife, but she struggled so much, he slashed her throat instead. Morse assisted Dinello by throwing his bloody clothes and the murder weapon into the trash behind a liquor store McHenry went to after Sabin's murder, framing him and giving Morse the opportunity to act as counsel to fulfill her career dreams.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unspecified students and faculty (attempted to blow up with a plaster pipe bomb in 1998; changed his mind and later diffused the bomb in 2013)
  • Becca Sabin (poisoned with liquid nitrogen by accident; trying to save with a tracheotomy, but ended up slashing her throat; left her blood to be mixed with bubble soap)
  • Seam McHenry (framed with the murder weapon and bloody clothes)