Means to an End
Season 8
Number 9
Writer Zachary Reiter,
Christopher Silber
Director Marshall Adams
Original Airdate December 2, 2011
Previous Episode: Crossroads
Next Episode: Clean Sweep

Means to an End is the ninth episode in season eight of CSI: NY.


The ability to find justice for prolific serial rapist John Curtis is put in jeopardy when he is freed on bail, the accuser is killed, and the team uncovers a possible conspiracy to frame him. Meanwhile, John Curtis seeks to finally remove his nemesis, Jo Danville.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jason Wiles as John Curtis
  • Beau Garrett as Ali Rand
  • Jeffrey Nordling as Senator Kirk Matthews
  • Erica Piccininni as Amanda Tanner
  • Jenn Proske as Serena Matthews
  • Michael Weston as Frank Waters
  • Julie McKinnon as A/V Lab Tech
  • Dorothy Meyers as Reporter
  • Christopher Warren as Jonas Stark

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