Means to an End
Season 8
Number 9
Writer Zachary Reiter,
Christopher Silber
Director Marshall Adams
Original Airdate December 2, 2011
Previous Episode: Crossroads
Next Episode: Clean Sweep

Means to an End is the ninth episode in Season Eight of CSI: NY.


The ability to find justice for prolific serial rapist John Curtis is put in jeopardy when he is freed on bail, the accuser is killed, and the team uncovers a possible conspiracy to frame him. Meanwhile, John Curtis seeks to finally remove his nemesis, Jo Danville.


Previously on CSI:NY Crushed and Crossroads[]

Ali Rand, an escort, reported that she was raped by John Curtis. Curtis was a rapist Jo and the FBI were trying to catch three years ago in D.C. He was accused of raping Serena Matthews, Senator Matthews's daughter. Curtis was eventually acquitted because Frank Waters, her partner at the FBI, mishandled the evidence and tried to cover it up. Jo found evidence of Frank's cover up and turned it in, causing Frank to lose his job. In court, Lindsay testified that in order for Ali to have 2 miligrams per kilogram of GHB in her blood at time of processing, she would have had to ingest 1000 miligrams when she was with Curtis. However, Ali would be dead if she had ingested 1000 miligrams of GHB.

Present Day[]

Based on Lindsay's testimony, the judge reduces Curtis's bail. Serena Matthews storms out, distraught that Curtis has been let go again. Lindsay runs a test that proves Ali also lied about when she sustained her injuries. Since she's being called a liar, Ali changes her mind and wants to drop the charges. Flack warns her that even though he can't make her testify, the DA can and will.

Jo gets a call from Frank Waters and meets him for coffee. Since leaving the FBI, he is working for Rothwell Laboratories in the private sector. Frank admits that he made a mistake and understands what Jo did, but he blames her for not letting his mistake go. He says if she had just put her ethics to the side for once, none of this would be happening and leaves.

Ali is found dead in Central Park, with blunt force trauma to her head and a bloody rock nearby. Curtis could have confronted Ali if her rape claim was fabricated. Curtis is brought in, but he will only to talk to Jo. He says he had sex with Ali but didn't rape her. He suggests that maybe Jo killed Ali. Jo was so close to having him caught, until her star witness turned out to be a fraud, so maybe Jo let Ali know how she felt about that.

In autopsy, Sid finds a small chip of pink ivory wood in Ali's scalp. Lindsay asks Sid if Ali's bruises and cut under her eye could have been self-inflicted. Sid says no, Ali had an accomplice who punched her to create the injuries. Adam identifies the trace from Ali's coat as shark skin. One of the uses of shark skin is delayed-release drug capsules, and Rothwell Laboratories has been experimenting with this technology. Jo realizes that is the company where Frank works.

Jo and Flack go to Frank's apartment and find that he was stalking Curtis, having a whole wall dedicated to surveillance photos and receipts. Frank calls Jo from the street outside. He says he knows Curtis is guilty and never meant for any of this to happen, before stepping into traffic, killing himself. At first, it looks like Frank teamed up with Ali, making GHB to dose her and frame Curtis. However, as the team processes Frank's apartment, they realize that the GHB ingredients belonged to Curtis. Frank was collecting evidence against Curtis, and also looking for other victims that hadn't come forward.

Mac visits the senator and his daughter at their hotel, and the senator asks Serena to excuse them. She goes into the bedroom to leave them to talk. Mac asks him where his umbrella with the pink ivory wood handle is, the one he carried in his briefcase when he came to visit the crime lab. The lab checked Ali's financial records and she was in Miami, Aspen, and Europe the same dates the senator, and staying in the same hotels. Senator Matthews confesses that he had Ali pick up Curtis at the hotel. Then, he met her at her place where she drank GHB and he punched her to make the injuries. Ali panicked when her lie was discovered in court and wanted to back out. She tried to leave the park, but the senator hit her with his umbrella, then with the rock because he was desperate. They were so close to catching Curtis. He turns around to see a tearful Serena, who had opened the bedroom door and heard his confession.

Jo greets Amanda Tanner at the precint, a woman she suspects is a victim of John Curtis, based on receipts Frank had collected. Amanda says that Curtis drove her home, and they had some wine. The room started to spin and she blacked out. In the morning, she woke up naked, with her wrists red, and knew something had happened. She kept the wine glass and the clothes she was wearing, and Jo goes to her apartment to collect that evidence. Amanda hands her the wineglass and goes to get the clothes from her bedroom, but suddenly goes quiet. Jo goes to the bedroom and sees Amanda on the floor, and goes to draw her gun before she is knocked out by a man.

Jo wakes up and sees John Curtis, who broke into Amanda's apartment. He punches Jo and throws her into the mirror, then empties the bullets from Jo's gun's magazine, dropping them on the floor around her. He makes a speech, taunting her that he has no intention of getting caught and smashes Amanda's wineglass. Jo reaches for the gun, even though it doesn't have a magazine. She tells Curtis that most gun accidents happen because people forget about the one in the chamber and shoots him with that bullet. Despite being shot, Curtis is still alive and struggles to get up. Jo takes a bullet from the floor and loads it into the gun, shooting Curtis again, killing him. In the aftermath, Jo and Amanda are being looked after by the paramedics outside, and Serena Matthews arrives at the scene to see the medical examiner's van drive away with John Curtis's body.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Jason Wiles as John Curtis
  • Beau Garrett as Ali Rand
  • Jeffrey Nordling as Senator Kirk Matthews
  • Erica Piccininni as Amanda Tanner
  • Jenn Proske as Serena Matthews
  • Michael Weston as Frank Waters
  • Julie McKinnon as A/V Lab Tech
  • Dorothy Meyers as Reporter
  • Christopher Warren as Jonas Stark

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