Meat Jekyll
Meat Jekyll.jpg
Season 10
Number 23
Writer Naren Shankar
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate May 20, 2010
Previous Episode: Doctor Who
Next Episode: Shock Waves

Meat Jekyll is the twenty-third episode and season ten finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A murderer Langston helped put behind bars holds the key to the identity of the Dr. Jekyll serial killer.


Suspect: Dr. Jekyll (alive)

On the case: entire team

With no leads on the serial killer, Dr. Jekyll, Catherine decides to bring in the “Dick and Jane” killer, Nate Haskell, who called Langston and told him that he knew who Dr. Jekyll is. Haskell only wants to talk to Langston and he requests a steak dinner in exchange for the clue. He points Langston in the direction of evidence collected from a dresser drawer at his house. The CSIs find the evidence and discover a piece of bow tie pasta with an elegant loop around it made out of pasta.

The evidence is compared to an autopsy picture of one of Dr. Jekyll’s victims, Joey Bigelow’s tied intestines and the CSIs find the work to be identical, which means Haskell was telling the truth. Haskell tells Langston that he met Dr. Jekyll 11 years ago after being served the pasta at a restaurant. Haskell asked to meet the chef and he discovered that Dr. Jekyll was “mad as a hatter” and also a promising young killer. He also mentions that all of Dr. Jekyll’s victims were at the restaurant.

The team gathers in the layout room. Langston puts together some clues - Haskell and Dr. Jekyll were in a restaurant that serves pasta and that had a piano bar. Greg is quite pessimistic that Haskell is telling the truth, but Sara notes that Haskell had the pasta before Joey Bigelow's body was discovered. Catherine offers to speak with Mary Felnick, Joey's old agent, and delves out tasks to the rest of the team.

Catherine locates Marty and asks him if Joey ever performed at any restaurant gigs 11 years ago. Marty says that Joey did, but he can only recall the general direction that the restaurant was in. He points out the vicinity on a map Catherine provides. Greg finds a picture of victim Jack Herson wearing a t-shirt from a restaurant called Venetti’s that he used to frequent. Another victim, Bernard Higgins, used to eat at Venetti's once a week. When the team goes to the restaurant (which is now closed down), they find pictures of all of the victims on the Wall of Fame. Sara also takes a look at the menu and sees that the restaurant used to serve hand-made bowtie pasta.

Henry does some research and discovers that the three co-owners of the restaurant are deceased and obtains a list of everyone who used to work at Venetti’s. Meanwhile, Langston fills Haskell in on the team's progress. Haskell refuses to give up Dr. Jekyll's name, telling Langston that he has to give something to get something. Per Haskell's request, a stripper is brought in to entertain him in exchange for him giving up a name. Haskell obliges and points to the name Carlo Perini. This turns out to be a false lead, as Carlo is in prison serving the end of a five-year sentence.

Henry tells Langston that there’s a package for him from Langston’s father, who has been deceased for ten years. The CSIs examine the box and find it clear of a bomb or body parts. Upon opening it, they find Langston's old ID badge along with several pieces of beef jerky (or possibly "human jerky") with hand-drawn pictures on them. One of the pieces has an ID number on it that Doc Robbins recognizes as belonging to a John Doe.

The John Doe is located; his cause of death was listed as exsanguination from a stab wound that was wider at the entrance than a typical stab wound. It also extended another three inches in a circular pattern, nicking the appendicular artery. Doc Robbins notes that the wound is consistent with laparoscopic surgery. Based on the time the body was found (between Joey Bigelow and Bernard Higgins), Nick wonders if the septic appendix found inside of Bernard Higgins was actually meant for John Doe, but Dr. Jekyll botched the surgery and covered the injury up with a knife wound.

Meanwhile, at Venetti’s, there's evidence that one of the doors has been opened recently. Nick texts the photo of John Doe to Sara, asking if the victim is on the wall. She finds the picture and identifies the victim as a Ukrainian businessman named Yuri Greshenko. Greg discovers human blood on the cutting table in the kitchen, which means that Dr. Jekyll is using Venetti’s as an operating room.

The blood from the cutting table comes back to Joey Bigelow and Yuri. The team figures that Dr. Jekyll got Yuri's John Doe number by calling the coroner's office and using Langston's badge number to get the information. Looking at evidence from the other murders, the CSIs find an IVC filter and Langston deciphers a message on the meat as a surgical term. Greg pulls out a propeller from a package and Langston realizes that Dr. Jekyll is going to insert the IVC and the propeller into a victim to burst a vein which would kill the victim painfully and slowly.

Hodges and Wendy identify the meat Dr. Jekyll sent as non-human; in fact, it's prosciutto Di Parma, a high-end delicacy. There's no touch DNA on the jerky, but the thought is that Dr. Jekyll might have left epithelials behind if he wasn't wearing gloves when he made it. Meanwhile, Greg and Sara are cross-referencing employees from Venetti's with those who are still in the industry, and Catherine has them narrow the search down to those now working at high-end Italian restaurants.

Langston, Nick and Officer Clark go to one of those restaurants, Trattoria DiMasa, and find the owner, Giovanni “Papa” DiMasa balancing the books. He invites Langston and Nick in and he calls for his son, Charlie (who is a cook at the restaurant) to bring them wine. Giovanni appears to be in pain, but shakes it off when Langston and Nick notice. Charlie arrives with the wine and goes back to retrieve the employee list that the CSIs ask for. Back at the lab, Catherine discovers the DNA on the meat is a filial match for the septic appendix found in the Dr. Jekyll victim, Bernard Higgins. This means that the appendix either belonged to Dr. Jekyll's father or his son. She relays this information to Nick.

After Nick learns that Giovanni got his appendix taken out recently, he orders Officer Clark to go check on Charlie. He then tells Langston to get Giovanni to a hospital and leaves to follow up with Officer Clark. Before he can, a shotgun blast is heard. Officer Clark is dead, and Charlie emerges and shoots Nick. Langston and Giovanni hide for cover as Charlie tells Langston that he came too early. Charlie keeps Langston, Nick, and his father trapped behind a table because he is eager to see Langston witness his father die after he robbed of his dream of becoming a doctor. Nick opens his eyes and silently reaches for his gun nearby. Langston tells Charlie about his own father in order to buy time for the injured Nick to get his gun. When Langston declares that he's standing up, Charlie emerges with his shotgun. Nick sits up and shoots him several times, killing him.

Nick is later taken to the hospital where the other CSIs are relieved that he will be okay. Langston relays the information that Giovanni is going to be okay, as well. The rest of the lab celebrates the good news about Nick when told. When Langston returns to the lab to say goodbye to Haskell, Haskell grabs him before he can leave and stabs him several times with a broken frame from his glasses, leaving Langston bleeding on the ground.


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  • This is Liz Vassey's last episode as a regular cast member playing Wendy Simms; however, she makes a guest appearance two episodes later in Pool Shark, which is also her last episode.

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