Minor Character: Miami
Name Melanie Hines
Gender Female
City Miami
Pathology Accidental Murderer
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Alive
First Appearance Blood Moon

Melanie Hines is a victim of sexual harassment and later an accidental murderer appearing in Blood Moon in CSI:Miami.


Hines was sitting at an outdoor theater at the beach, when another patron in the audience named Matt Bolton, sitting next to her, started trying pick-up lines on her. She tried to rebuff as much as could, but when Bolton started insulting her, she and him were both kicked out of the event. Hines insulted Bolton’s manhood, so Bolton keyed her car. She later tracked Bolton down at an ATM machine, pistol in her hand for self-defense, for a more proper confrontation for her. She made it clear she doesn't accept the harassment, but Bolton didn't care. Hines scoffed and turned away to walk back to her car. She tripped on a parking stop and, because the pistol has a soft trigger, she fired the gun once, shooting Bolton straight in his heart. She was horrified by what she'd done but scared to go to the police, so she smashed her car window from the inside and ditched it like that it was stolen. When Bolton was found dead and the CSIs were called, tracing the outdoor theater traced further back to Hines. Finding her gun, they positively identified it as the murder weapon by traces of her lotion on it. She tries to keep herself from admitting the truth, but when confronted with the evidence, she caves. She tells everything, particularly her side of fearing for her own safety. Tim Speedle and Calleigh Duquesne want to charge her for manslaughter, but Hines's gun having a soft trigger supports her story, and the prosecutor decides to not charge her. When she's free to go. Speedle stops Hines in the elevator and tries to defend Bolton, tying to keep composure over how she's walking for killing a man. She stands her ground and rebuffs his arguments before leaving.

Known Victims[]

  • Matt Bolton (tripped on a curb and accidentally fired her pistol, shooting Bolton once in the heart)