Minor Character: Miami
Kristin hager CSI Miami All Fall Down
Name Melissa Walls
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Former college student
Pathology Murderer
Serial assailant
Mass assailant
Cop killer
Con artist

Mass cop Assailant

Modus Operandi Halon gas poisoning
RC rifle shooting
No. of Victims 1 killed
7+ attempted
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Kristin Hager
First Appearance All Fall Down

Melissa Walls is a murderer and the accomplice of budding serial killer Bob Starling who appeared in the Season Eight finale and the Season Nine premiere of CSI: Miami.


Melissa Walls was a student at Miami-Dade University had an affair with professor Bob Starling and shared disgruntlement against officials at the college. Walls forged documents regarding an experiment of hers that led to deadly results, resulting in her expulsion from the college. Starling was in line for tenure, but Walls' unethical actions denied him his chances. The couple projected their rage and resentment on the officials who stood against them both, so the duo decided to get revenge and prove their superiority. They also arranged taunts at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab to throw off suspicion on them and dare to escape the law.

All Fall Down[]

Starling killed Janice Potter, who turned Walls in to the board, with an RC rifle aimed right through her kitchen window, shooting her head once and killing her instantly. The team couldn't save her, as they received a puzzle showing a silhouette in a crosshairs like Janice was far too late. A flash drive with a 3-d model of the university pool was next as a taunt, leading the CSIs to an already dead Neal Brusatti, one of the professors on the committee who expelled Walls and denied Starling tenure. He was found floating in the pool after the pool cover was forced over him while he swam, having drowned to death after failing to try and claw his way out of the lane nets. Walls continuously voices her bitterness and compliments her studies to keep the CSIs focused on her. The third victim, Stephen Madsen, yet another professor on the committee, was tracked by a fleur-de-lis graffitied on the pool cover. It matched the design of a brand name whose products Madsen bought often. Natalia Boa Vista was assigned to guard him, and when he got out of the shower, he sprayed himself with what he thought was perfume. It was really potassium, which set Madsen on fire when it reacted with the water on his body. Boa Vista narrowly saved him by putting out the fire and calling an ambulance. Even Starling was suspected briefly of being the final victim, but Walls was revealed to have had an alibi. When Starling's lost tenure was revealed, he was confronted an gave a full confession. When he dropped a letter that said "They All Fall Down", it revealed Walls set up a halon gas trap hooked up to the air vents, which made the entire lab collapse and nearly die from the fumes, including a returning Eric Delko.


Horatio Caine arrived in time and shot a window to let in fresh air, and the gas was swiftly turned off when found. Jesse Cardoza is the only CSI who died, hitting his head on glass shards from the broken lens of a dropped camera, causing his brain to bleed internally. Starling was obviously not directly responsible due to being in custody, revealing he had an accomplice. Walls was tracked, and she was found tied to a chair with an RC rifle aimed at her face while the trigger was tied to the door, a trap she set up herself. It was revealed it was only loaded with sand, but it was a brief diversion of suspicion from her. Starling's letter revealed ancient symbols that, when combined with other taunting messages, was a code that implied the duo left a bomb on a pier. It was merely a dud ruse in a small cooler, the tam finding out too late Frank Tripp's transfer of Starling was sabotaged with another RC rifle, the controls manned by Walls. Starling briefly choked Tripp with his straightjacket and ran, with Walls reconnoitering with Starling later to arrange for their getaway by boat. But Walls was arrested when she was decided as the only possible accomplice with motive and opportunity. She was taken into interrogation and threatened with being charged with everything in Starling's absence. Afraid for her own penalties, she offered a deal to give Starling up for a reduced sentence. The CSIs agreed, and she led them to the boat. Starling pulled a wire he found on her before throwing it into the water and ranting about his motives and resulting felonies. Caine appeared from behind Starling and held him at gunpoint in an arrest while reciting one of the taunts Starling left. When Starling bragged they didn't have the wire he threw away, Walls pulled a second wire from her beltline. She gave it to the CSIs, and Starling and Walls were immediately arrested, being incarcerated soon after for their crimes.

Modus Operandi[]

Walls colluded with Starling and acted on his instructions. She pretended to be the disgruntled killed while Starling killed their targets in elaborate ways and taunted the CSIs with messages after each murder or murder attempt. She then arranged to break Starling out by a step-by-step plan they both put together as a contingency. Walls flooded the crime lab with halon gas through the air conditioning to reduce the police's manpower. When that wasn't successful, Walls still set up a gun aimed at her tied to the door of her apartment to finally seem "innocent" but filling it with sand while she tied herself to a chair. To get Starling out, she put a cooler with a not saying "BOOM" on a Miami pier to look like a bomb, which the taunts to the team led them through the coded notes. While Tripp was transporting Starling, she sabotaged the route with an RC rifle from a higher lever of a parking garage to shoot at the car, while Starling ran off and escaped. She then planned to meet Starling at his sailboat for a getaway, but she turned on him when the plan failed to protect the both of them.

Known Victims[]


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