Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Michael Crenshaw
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation LVPD Detective
Pathology Proxy kidnapper

Double Kidnapper

Double Assailant


Dirty cop

Killer cop

Status Deceased
Portrayed By Billy Magnussen
First Appearance Homecoming

Michael Crenshaw was a corrupt LVPD detective working for Jeffrey McKeen in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He appeared in the season twelve finale and the season thirteen premiere.

Season Twelve[]


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Season Thirteen[]

Karma to Burn[]

After his date with Finlay, he lures her to a bar however she has suspicions of his involvement with the recent kidnapping of Kaitlyn. When he takes her to the bar, she discovers Kaitlyn is being held in the warehouse behind the bar. He then threatens Finlay with his gun and locks her up with Kaitlyn.

Finlay manages to release Kaitlyn, so Crenshaw's partner, Paul Kimball attempts to capture her again. Crenshaw searches for Finlay while she hides, she then jumps on him and they engage in a fight. Finlay runs away after she manages to hurt him. He catches up to her, punches her and then he places handcuffs on her, it is then implied that he will rape Finlay until Detective Moreno bursts in and shoots Crenshaw dead.

Known Victims[]

  • 2012
    • May 10: Kaitlyn Russell (abducted by Kimball and held hostage; targeted to die, but was saved by Kimball)
    • May 10-11: Julie Finlay (abducted and attempted to kill, but failed)

Known Accomplices[]