Michael Welch is an american actor best known for his work in the Twilight saga. He portrayed Shane Partney, Steuben Lorenz, and Todd Branson in CSI: Miami.


Michael Welch is a veteran actor of nearly 25 years with over 100 film and television credits to his name. He has received tremendous praise throughout his career by fans, critics and industry insiders alike for the depth and diversity of his work. Michael continues to build his career, as he always has a new project on the horizon.

In spite of his busy schedule, it is essential to Welch to give back. He started a campaign to drill a clean water well for a village of 500 people. He also received the Pioneering Spirit Award from The Thirst Project in 2011 for his outstanding efforts in raising awareness and money to provide clean drinking water. In 2010, Welch was invited to Germany by the USO to support both wounded soldiers and over 600 military youth. Welch was Co-Chair for 4th annual Walk on The Horizon, an event to raise awareness and resources for adults with disabilities. For over 10 years, Welch hosted and entertained less fortunate youth with Kids With A Cause.

CSI: Miami[]

He appeared as Shane Partney in the episode Permanent Vacation, Steuben Lorenz in the episode A Space Oddity and Todd Branson in the episode Blood Lust.


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