Minor Character: Miami
Name Michelle Baldwin
Gender Female
Family Dennis Baldwin (husband; deceased)
City Miami
Occupation Serial Killer
No. of Victims 12 killed
1 abducted
1 attempted abduction
Status Incarcerated/Institutionalized
Portrayed By Alicia Witt
First Appearance Blood Lust (Miami)

"What does it matter what their names are? They're dead. It's not about them, they're not even here."

Michelle Baldwin is a serial killer who appears in season 9 of CSI: Miami.


Michelle married a man named Dennis after, according to her, she was alone from being often abandoned by "everyone", whom and how many exactly never being specified. As a result, she became paranoidly possessive of Dennis and feared women stealing him away doe to his allure, which is implied he uses to tease women in front of his wife. Eventually, she grew sadistic toward the women Dennis would flirt with even by her own wrong assumptions and culminated this into what would turn into self-avenging killings she'd brainwashed Dennis to commit with her assistance, in hopes the killings would strengthen their bonds and make Dennis never wanna leave Michelle. Her sadism not only involved tying women in their own clothes and tearing off their index fingernails while they were still alive as "souvenirs", but she pose as a captive victim to "help" them in a fake "escape", only for Dennis to snatch them from behind to terrorize them and break their spirits, developing the ritual by equating their even perceived lust with a yearning for freedom and recovery from their nightmares. When the episode started, their murder count reached a total of nine women confirmed murdered, which was about to become ten murders.

Blood Lust

Michelle yet again plays the victim with Bridget Walsh, who's captive in a storm shelter in a foreclosed home. After a lengthy repetition of the escape ruse, Dennis drags Walsh back into the storm shelter, restrains her again, and taunts her with the weapons. What they don't plan for is Michelle running into a stranger and keeping the ruse up, which leads to the police being called and their killings being found out. By the time the police get there, they're too late: Walsh is found dead, in her binds, her fingernail also taken, murdered from being choked with her own bra. Dennis ended up escaping, but he left their signature kill kit behind in the ornate chest it came in. He plays the role of the scared and comforting husband while Michelle the scarred and vengeful victim, giving little details other than what they commonly used as their ruse to stymie the investigation. Per the investigation, she lets a rape kit be done on her, and soon after, the CSIs track one of their grave sites, revealing a previously tortured and murdered woman, Allison Caldwell. She was kidnapped from the restaurant she worked at and had been missing ever since. Several suspects are eliminated by the time not only do small prints on the shove she was buried with reveal Michelle dug and filled the grave, then unrevealed as the killer, but the two abduct another woman, Wendy Gibson. Thankfully, the team rescues her in time, revealing Dennis and Michelle just left before they arrived, leading them to release their suspects in custody then. Michelle's visited again, still pretending and flailing as she "panics" over how they still haven't caught the two of them yet. She spills a cup of water and goes to get something to wipe up the spill with. At this point, having tested a hair found on Gibson's belt, which was used to bind her arms behind her, the team are shocked to find it matches Michelle, causing Horatio Caine to rush after Natalia Boa Vista, who's questioning the couple then. Boa Vista gets in serious trouble when she sees a box on a foyer table with the same design as the kill kit chest, opening it to reveal the women's missing fingernails. More than the women they confirmed are dead. Dennis sees her and steals her gun from behind, calling Michelle in for his next command once she finds out as well. She fears separation if they get arrested, so she tells Denis to be ready to kill Boa Vista to. She stalls then by talking to them to settle them, then asks if Dennis was cheating on Michelle; Michelle says Dennis would have from his "very powerful sexual aura". They then disdainfully, then gleefully, recall Dennis flirting with Caldwell, only to abduct, terrorize, and torture her to death, kissing over her grave because they're still together. She then asks about the escape, then Michelle laughs with Dennis, saying it was the best part, before demanding Boa Vista take her belt off so she can be tied with it. As she's being bound, Michelle hisses about how the ritual was incorporated because she couldn't stand the way women looked at Dennis from how she saw it. She giddily says she loved taking what she knew was the last look of that kind she'd see from them. Caine, appearing from behind, says "the very last", just before shooting Dennis dead in his back. Michelle collapses with her hands in the air, screaming, and when she sees Dennis lifeless and bleeding on the floor, she stats to cry and mourn him while Boa Vista sighs from relief from being saved. As the two interrogate her back at the station, Eric Delko and Frank Tripp discuss the two were severely insane from "folie a deux", a shared psychosis that they feed off from each other and grows the more they reinforce it. When Delko says one can recover if the two are broken apart, Tripp says he wouldn't want his sanity back if he was responsible for their crimes. Boa Vista reveals a horrific truth about their killings: ten fingernails total were found in the box. When Caine demands for their names, Michelle just snickers and says they don't matter because they're all dead. When Caine catches that she was abandoned, he asks who left her. She just slowly scowls before she closes the episode with saying, "Everyone. They all left me." She's then either incarcerated or institutionalized with the evidence against her, depending on her sanity.

Modus Operandi

Michelle targeted women who were flirting with Dennis, Dennis also being ill enough to help Michelle so the women wouldn't "steal" him from her. She and Dennis would blitz-attack them when they found the chance or lure then with some ruse, before taking them to abandoned or foreclosed homes. They would be tied and blindfolded, often naked, with their own clothes, held captive in attics or storm shelters to terrorize them as much as they wanted. Michelle would play the role of the victim for the sake of making them believe they had an ally, then pretend to escape and take them with her, only for Dennis to come from behind and drag them back down. The signature would be Dennis ripping a fingernail from each woman with pliers, before he killed them by strangling them with their own bras. They would then bury the women still bound, gagged, and naked in shallow graves in isolated natural areas.

Dennis rolling them in and Michelle digging and filling the holes, often not too far from the homes they imprisoned the women in. Their fingernails are kept as trophies in an ornate box on their hall table, the same design as their chest with their kill kit.

Known Victims

  • Ten unnamed victims killed prior to Blood Lust
  • 2011:
    • Unspecified date: Allison Caldwell
    • March 6:
      • Bridget Walsh
      • Wendy Gibson (abducted and held captive; was rescued)
      • Natalia Boa Vista (attempted to abduct; was rescued)

Known Accomplices

  • Dennis Baldwin (deceased; shot in the back by Horatio)


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