Minor Character: Miami
Name Mike Farallon
Gender Male
Family Linda Holt (wife)
City Miami
Occupation FBI agent
Pathology Accessory to murder
Dirty cop
No. of Victims 1 killed by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Matthew Del Negro
First Appearance Miami Confidential

Agent Mike Farallon is an FBI agent and accessory to murder appearing in Miami Confidential in CSI:Miami.


Farallon, despite his marriage to a woman named Linda, had affairs with his confidential informants with Linda's bitterly reluctant concession. It started with Jane Duncroft, who shared the safe word "together" with him while they were on the job. She broke it off, partly because of Farallon being too possessive, Farallon not taking being dumped lightly as expected. Farallon soon had a similar relationship with Rachel hemming, down to the same code word. She rehabilitated from drugs and decided to sell out her building manager, Jeremy Broyles, for cooking meth on his premesis.

Rachel was wearing a wire in a final confrontation with Broyles, but he saw through her ruse when she refused to take a pill. But it wasn't just due to her job, but also she was pregnant with the baby of her step-brother, Zach. Broyles only caught on to her informant status and, to silence her, threw her into a glass table, where a shard from a wine glass pierced her neck and cut her artery, bleeding her out fatally. Farallon was listening and heard their safe word, but because he was more concerned for his pride even than his duties, let laone Rachel's life, he didn't intervene and left Rachel and her baby to die.

The bug was traced to Farallon, who admitted to Rachel's informant status after he arrested her on possession. But a picture fo them in Rachel's condo reveals the affair, which Linda confirms. A emssage saying "Stay away or you'll get hurt" was found there and revealed to have been sent by Jane, who was warning Rachel for her safety. Jeremy's DNA was found on a glass shard he cut himself on, leading to his arrest. Farallon's boss, Agent Glen Cole, gives the team Farlalon's audio files of the operation. One revealed Rachel using the safe word before she was murdered, proving Farallon's guilt as an accesory to murder. The CSIs confront him with Cole, who takes his badge before arresting him. Farallon is soon after incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Farallon targeted informants with records he could dominate for sex, abusing his wife Linda to keep her at a distance. The women would be harassed and bused into staying with Farallon, but Farallon would be weak in failed attempts when a breakup did happen. With Rachel Hemming, Farallon just decided to cover up the affair by leaving her to be killed by Jeremy Broyles, the targeted of his latest operation, when Broyles caught onto her.

Known Victims[]

  • Linda Holt (abused)
  • Jane Duncroft (abused and harassed)
  • Rachel Hemming (abused and harassed; left to be killed by Jeremy Broyles)