Minor Character: Miami
Name Mike Lasker
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Oncologist
Pathology Serial Killer
Angel of Death
Modus Operandi Pancuronium poisoning
No. of Victims 6 killed
6 robbed
2 drugged
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Matt Letscher
First Appearance Broken Home

"I gave them their dignity."

Dr. Mike Lasker is a serial killer and an angel of death appearing in Broken Home in CSI:Miami.


Lasker worked in oncology, secretly being an angel of death who killed his patients and made their deaths look like illnesses or old age, taking souvenirs from them as trophies. When a neighborhood kleptomaniac, Justin Montovo, stole the anklet of his latest victim, Lucille Clarke, which was found with his stash during a double murder at his house, Lasker tried to break in beforehand to find it. He drugged the boy's parents with GHB, a fast-acting date rape drug, to knock them unconscious long enough he could sneak in and take it back, but once he was seen sneaking inside, he bolted. When interrogated, he admitted to the GHB spikes, but defended is actions with the missing items from his house. His lies soon started to fall apart when Clarke's anklet was identified, her body was exhumed to find the poison, and his track record showed six patients dying under his watch. His desk being search found the damning evidence of the drug he used in his murders. He claims that killing them "gave them their dignity", but Horatio Caine hisses back he's just a murderer. He's them promptly arrested and incarcerated.

Modus Operandi[]

Lasker targeted patients he was assigned to care for in his office. Whether they were sick or he made them look so, he fatally poisoned them with injections of pancuronium, a paralytic that suffocates someone in minutes. He would then take an item, using an heirloom, from their person as a trophy.

Known Victims[]

  • Five unnamed victims (all poisoned; stole a belonging from each of them postmortem)
  • Lucille Clarke (poisoned; stole her family anklet postmortem)
  • Dave and Renee Montovo (assaulted; drugged with GHB; broken into their house, but ran when he was seen by Justin)