Minor Character: New York
Chris Gann CSI NY Commuted Sentences
Name Mitchell Bentley III
Gender Male
Family Mitchell Bentley, Sr. (Grandfather)
Mitchell Bentley, Jr. (Father)
City New York
Pathology Rapist
Modus Operandi Rape
No. of Victims 1 raped
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Chris Gann
First Appearance Commuted Sentences

Mitchell Bentley III is an acquitted rapist later targeted as a murder victim who appeared in Season Four of CSI: NY.


Bentley first met his victim Fern Lazlow at Spanish restaurant Casa del Matador Grill. Later that night she raped her. Coming from a powerful and influential family, he was acquitted at the trial. At a support group, Fern became personally acquainted with Joanna Morgan, who sympathized with her as she was also raped and she was painted to be a fool during the proceeds of the case. Morgan met Amber Stanton, yet another rape victim, on a train ride, the two discussing how fed up they were with acquittals of sex offenders. They decided to take on each other's plans of vengeance, as while Morgan targeted Steve Kaplan, who was acquitted of raping and murdering a model. Stanton would kill Bentley to avenge Lazlow. Morgan didn't make it out of her plan, as Kaplan ended up instead killing her. However, Stanton successfully stabbed Bentley to death at the front door of Lazlow's apartment building, but danger struck Lazlow when she found Bentley dead and checked for a pulse, only to see the face of the rapist having targeted her and recoil, covered in Bentley's blood. Lazlow, in a horrific turn, was arrested on suspicion in an "open/shut" case. But when Morgan was found later and the two are connected in their pact, even Lazlow's shocked to hear Stanton's confession, Stanton insisting she never meant for Lazlow to take the fall. Bentley was only left dead outside of Lazlow's building to tell her she could feel safe again. Lazlow's released, Stanton being arrested in her place.

Known Victims[]

  • Fern Lazlow (raped)


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