Money Plane
Money Plane
Season 3
Number 17
Writer Sunil Nayar
Director Scott Lautanen
Original Airdate March 7, 2005
Previous Episode: Nothing to Lose
Next Episode: Game Over

Money Plane is the seventeenth episode in Season Three of CSI: Miami.


Someone uses a laser light to blind a pilot and bring down a jet, which carries $1.2 billion in checks to be delivered to banks on the eastern seaboard. The crime scene evidence reveals a victim, a young fundraising socialite, who was inside the plane but killed prior to the crash. Now, although the team has little to work with since the victim's wealthy family is opposing an autopsy, Horatio must follow the money trail. Meanwhile, Calleigh works on the case with her ex-boyfriend, Detective John Hagen, and their romantic history could cause problems for both of them.


A jet crashes on a field in the middle of town, Horatio is first on scene and is quick to save the pilot. On site Horatio meets with Sean Walsh, the jet's owner, he reveals it's was used to transport a payload of checks and money, Horatio almost arrest Walsh when he tries to bribe him to take them. After the pilot testifies he saw a green light before the crash Horatio suspects someone on the ground used a laser to reach the plane and blind the crew, tracking the laser's trajectory the team finds a neighbor, Andrew Stamler, who had several complaints against Miami International Airport, after Horatio finds a green laser pointer Stamler confesses and is arrested for the crash.

During the crash investigation the team finds the corpse of a young woman who is not listed as a passenger, but they discover she was not only inside the plane but already dead hours before takeoff. When the body it's taken to the morgue Alexx discovers the victim name, Caitlin Townsend a millionaire heiress, but she's prevented from performing the autopsy because Caitlin's mother Sophie registers an interdiction to stop it. Unable to convince the mother Horatio resorts to a virtopsy, it reveals Caitlin cause of death was drowning. Meanwhile Calleigh and Agent Peter Elliot trace the money to Biscayne Mutual Bank, where the manager says it was donation money collected by Caitlin herself using the checks, and not the first time she done that. Suspicious Calleigh analyzes the checks, while Caitlin's signature is perfect it's the same in all of them, meaning they are forgeries.

Horatio and Wolfe confront Nick Marshall, the co-president of Caitlin's foundation, they find a check-making machine in his office, Nick says he was responsible for the money and the only one with access to the machine besides him was Caitlin. Indeed after Eric processes the machine's mold Sophia's secretary Heidi fingerprints are found, but she refuses to say anything. Going back to the body a smudge in the victim's finger is matched to a nightclub, where a shoeprint similar to Walsh's boots is found. Walsh confesses he was called by Nick to collect the body in the nightclub and dump it in the ocean, Nick then says he found Heidi after she killed Caitlin and he just helped her. But when Heidi confesses the murder Wolfe is suspicious she's actually protecting Nick, because she's pregnant with his child.

Unable to crack Heidi, the team decides to track the money deliveries to get to Nick, this reveals the surprising information Sophie is stealing from her own daughter's foundation helped by Heidi, Sophie confesses her late husband shady dealings ruined their fortune and she did so to save face. This time Horatio is able to convince her to lift the interdiction. Alexx then autopsies Caitlin and finds she swallowed one of her teeth after been punched. Suspecting the killer was also injured Horatio confronts Nick and sure enough he has an infected bruise on his right hand. Nick confesses he killed Caitlin after she confronted him over his relationship with Heidi, while Heidi confesses to Wolfe she helped him to protect her child.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Holt McCallany as John Hagen
  • Michael B. Silver as Peter Elliott
  • Boti Ann Bliss as Maxine Valera
  • Brian Poth as Tyler Jenson
  • Matthew Butcher as Uniform #1
  • John Allen Nelson as Mike Rydell
  • Kenneth Colom as EMT
  • Greg Evigan as Sean Walsh
  • Brian Stepanek as Andrew Stamler
  • Andrea Silvers as Caitlin Townsend
  • Taryn Manning as Heidi Dillon
  • Joan Severance as Sophie Townsend
  • Corey Brill as Hamilton Solomon
  • Michael Landes as Nick Marshall

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