Minor Character: New York
Mischa Collins CSI NY
Name Morton Brite
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Landlord
Pathology Spree killer
Modus Operandi Varied
No. of Victims 4 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Misha Collins
First Appearance Can You Hear Me Now?

Morton Brite was a vigilante spree killer who appeared in the Season 4 premiere of CSI: NY


Morton owned an apartment building in New York City. The place lodged several people, including a Texan ex-convict named Damion Brock and an illegal Japanese immigrant, Lee Nakashima. Morton also developed a relationship with a woman named Marie Casimira, the daughter of Italian immigrants and a talented classical pianist. Marie was also a friend to fellow pianist and singer Nova Kent. One night in 2006, flower delivery boy Anthony Colton set his sights on Marie and killed her. Nova arrived at the time the body was being finished off by Colton, who noticed her presence and threatened her to keep her mouth shut.

Lee and Damion were key witnesses as well: Lee saw Colton's face from his window, while Damion saw the plate of the flower delivery van Colton was driving that night from the roof. None of them chose to go to the police and give report: Nova was too scared and would later find herself under constant threat and stalking from Colton, while Lee didn't have a visa at the time and Damion, being an ex-convict, didn't want to be a suspect of murder. For a time, Morton was considered to be the prime suspect in the investigation, in which Stella Bonasera participated. Morton was convinced that there were people who must have seen something but was ignored. Ultimately, due to the lack of witnesses, the case was left unsolved, and Morton was left devastated. Morton would later find out that there were, in fact, witnesses by noticing his tenants' routine: Damion used to go out to a ledge out of his apartment every night to sit down and smoke, while Lee regularly spied on and complained about every move their neighbors made, both things they did the night of the murder. Enraged that people he knew chose to turn a blind eye to protect themselves and left the crime unpunished, Morton devised a plan to make them finally talk and lead the police to the real culprit.

Can You Hear Me Now?[]

Brite first killed Brock, torturing him for information which was left on Brock's answering machine, which included a license plate number that belong to Colton. Brock ends up embalmed alive with cleaning fluid and left sitting in a lawn chair on a building roof. To get the police's attention, he gathers Brock's blood, travels to the Statue of Liberty, and pours it on her face. When trying to escape, he kills two security guards, Georgia Morrison and Charles Price, trying to catch him in the act, leaving Morrison dead from her throat being slit and Price tumbling into the Hudson, only being recovered in his severed arm by some boaters later. The CSIs comb the viewing station atop the Statue of Liberty, where the blood spatter was made, finding an A-string piano cord tied the scope in the direction of Brock's corpse. They not only find a message on Brock's undershirt saying "two more will die", but a broken piece of Kent's music box playing Mozart was found in Brock's mouth.

Kent's question, but she says she lost the box and didn't know where it is. Brite's come across in the apartment building, where Bonasera recognizes him and he still doesn't forgive being intently investigated for his late girlfriend's murder. He denies involvements the crimes and directs the CSIs to Brock's apartment, where they find the scene of the murder and Brock's answering machine with the torture message. The last crucial thing they find there is a viewfinder showing Nakashima held hostage. They find him at Kent's theater stuffed in an oil drum, beaten and with his tongue cut out. He dies at the hospital, but a ticket stub for Kent's theater is found in Nakashima's mouth. When going to interview her again, Colton's there to bring flowers as another stalking attack, likely with the intent of killing her then. When Colton's chased down and arrested, Colton confesses to Casimira's murder and Kent's account of the threats she suffered guarantee charges, but Colton denies the remaining crimes. Bonasera find out that Brite's piano A-string is missing, like the one aligning the view station, and realizes he's the spree killer. He tries to run, but Bonasera shoots him in the leg to stop him, then arresting and incarcerating him for his spree after he recovers from his wound.

Modus Operandi[]

Morton's victims were killed in a variety of ways. He targeted the silent witnesses to Marie's death, except for Georgia Morrison and Charles Price, who were incidental victims for the first step of his plan. He would expose two of the witnesses by forcing them to give out information about Marie's killer via torture, and record it by using their possessions: a greetings message in Damion's answering machine with him describing Colton's license plate, and video footage taken with Lee's phone, showing him giving Colton's physical description. Brock also revealed to him that Nova Kent was another witness, so Morton would set out to expose her by placing something related to her inside his targets' throats: a metal piece of the music box she gave to Marie as a gift inside Damion's (post-mortem), and a folded ticket for her concert inside Lee's, adding to the scavenger hunt to lead to her being the final identified intended victim. He also left a viewfinder at Damion's apartment with pictures of Lee being held hostage at the scene of Brock's torture, giving the location to where they were taken. Lee was also the only victim left alive, albeit with his tongue cut out so he couldn't identify his captor, though he later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital. It might be possible that Morton probably expected him to die anyways, suffering his final moments slowly and painfully, just as he did with Brock. Kent was rescued from Casimira's real killer, Colton, and Colton was arrested for stalking and murder, but the two were most certainly planned to be on Brite's hit list.

Known Victims[]

  • 2007:
    • Damion Brock (embalmed alive with cleaning fluid; wrote a message with blood on his shirt, stuffed a piece of a music box in his mouth, and posed his body on a building roof; spilled his blood over the face of the Statue of Liberty)
    • The Liberty Island double murder:
      • Georgia Morrison (security officer; incidental; throat slit)
      • Charles Price (security guard; incidental; killed in an unspecified manner and threw his body into the Hudson River; his arm was recovered later)
    • Lee Nakashima (severely beaten, cut out his tongue, shoved a ticket stub in his mouth, and stuffed alive inside a drum; later died at the hospital)
    • Nova Kent (attempted)
    • Anthony Colton (intended)


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