Ms. Willows Regrets
Ms. Willows Regrets.jpg
Season 12
Number 11
Writer Christopher Barbour,
Don McGill
Director Louis Milito
Original Airdate January 18, 2012
Previous Episode: Genetic Disorder
Next Episode: Willows in the Wind

Ms. Willows Regrets is the eleventh episode in season twelve of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The skeletal remains of three people are found in the desert. They are identified as a lawyer and his two employees. Catherine knows the lawyer and fears that her friend, who used the lawyer to get away from her husband, has become a victim to his criminal enterprise.


Two men and a woman head into the office of Malcom Turner. They kill the lawyer along with his receptionist and paralegal, and their bodies are dumped in the woods. Sara and Morgan go through the lawyer’s office, which has been professionally cleaned. There’s no visible sign of violence, although they do find evidence of blood when they spray the walls and floor. Catherine worries that her friend Laura Gabriel may be in danger since she encouraged the woman to visit Malcom if she needed legal help after leaving her husband Mark. Mark is the CEO of Ceressus Logistics, a military contractor first introduced in “Zippered” as a dangerous, corrupt group who was in the FBI’s sights for gunrunning. The murders at Malcom Turner’s office could have been pulled off by Ceressus. Luckily, they find Laura alive, and she confesses that she heard her husband Mark talking about his rival, another military contractor named Stanley Merrill, who went missing eleven months ago. She’s sure Mark had him killed.

Archie discovers hidden data on a memory card Laura sent to Catherine, which lists dates and amounts for money transferred from a Ceressus subsidiary company to Switzerland. Several of these dates coincide with the disappearance of Stanley Merill, the death of Lenny Wesson (“Zippered”) and the deaths of Malcom Turner and his employees. Ceressus’ CFO Arthur Martens is stuck in the hot seat, although he claims that he wasn’t involved in these dealings. He agrees to work with the FBI in exchange for protection. They now have two people who are willing to come forward against Mark Gabriel and Cerresus. The FBI transfers Laura for her own safety, but they are ambushed after a member of the hit team from the law office infiltrates the transfer team. The car containing Laura and Agent McQuaid is torched, along with the people inside.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Annabeth Gish as Laura Gabriel
  • Matt Lauria as Agent Matthew Pratt
  • Titus Welliver as Mark Gabriel
  • Grant Show as Agent Viggo McQuaid
  • Anita Gillette as Lily Flynn

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