Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Nadine Bradley
Gender Female
Family Sally Lennon (sister; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Competition Show Production Crew
Pathology Double murderer


Modus Operandi Stabbing
Projected Cannibalism
No. of Victims 2 killed
4 cannibalism by proxy
Status Institutionalized/Incarcerated
Portrayed By Holley Fain
First Appearance Last Supper

Nadine Bradley (née Lennon) is a budding serial killer, vigilante, and projected cannibal avenging the death of her sister Sally, appearing in Last Supper in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Nadine's sister Sally was raped and murdered while she was still in College. Her remains were so badly devoured by wildlife, she had to identify Sally instead of her parents. Two kids in her class, Derek Barlow and Curtis LeBlanc, "extended comfort and support" while she was grieving, leading them all to become more closely acquainted. The shocking horror of it all was that the two were actually the rapists/murderers responsible for her sister's victimization and death, which Nadine never suspected for years. When she became part of the production crew on a cooking competition show and the two felons were contestants, Barlow and LeBlanc struck again, raping and choking another contestant, Michelle Rowlands, while she was unconscious. Fortunately, only knowing Barlow was responsible, she beat Barlow off when she woke up to being raped and ran out of the hotel room she was in, LeBlanc slowly slipping out after. Nadine was the first person she went to to confide, and despite Nadine's horror, she connected the dots and was traumatized by the shocking revelation about the truth of her sister. In a heated confrontation with Barlow, butcher knife in her hand, despite Barlow's attempts to stave her off, she stabbed him to death. In a nervous breakdown, she decided on further vengeance for her sister by dismembering Barlow's corpse and cooking the remains to be prepared for the contest's next taste test, throwing the rest of Barlow in the trash, evoking the decay the two rapists/murderers left her sister in when she was murdered.

Last Supper[]

The CSIs are called in when they realize the "cuisine" is human remains from Rowlands pulling a contact lens out of her mouth. She's first seen "assisting" the CSIs by directing them to Graham Devreaux, a guest Barlow had an altercation with, to throw suspicion off her. It's enough of a temporary distraction for her to murder LeBlanc, poisoning him with a roll of almond gelatin in a reusable straw she put in his drinking cup. The severe anaphylaxis causes him to fall and hit his head on a frozen ham, killing him instantly. Rowlands, being the latest victim of the duo, is suspected of both, but Bradley didn't cover tracks and the CSI's find the laced straw. She didn't account for them finding her print in the gel mold. They soon confronted her in interrogation after finding out her past and realizing the connection themselves. She breaks down in tears and confesses to everything, not regretting even the barbarity of her actress because she finds it poetic justice she got for her sister. She's then arrested and either incarcerated or institutionalized for her crimes.

Modus Operandi[]

The first murder Nadine committed was spontaneous, a frenzied stabbing of Barlow. But the disposal wasn't, she cut up and cooked what was left of Barlow's corpse, throwing the rest in trash bags for the next garbage pickup, preparing the remains for the next taste contest on the show. LeBlanc was killed more discreetly once an investigation started, rolling gelatinous almond into a reusable straw and swapping LeBlanc's with the tainted one, cause anaphylaxis due to LeBlanc's allergy.

Known Victims[]

  • Derek Barlow (stabbed to death; later butchered and fed to the show contestants)
  • The show taste test (all fed Barlow's cooked remains)
    • Ray
    • Cici
    • Curtis LeBlanc (later murdered)
    • Michelle Rowlands (incidental)
  • Curtis LeBlanc (slipped a rolled almond mold into his reusable straw, cause anaphylaxis; died from hitting his head on a frozen lamb leg)


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