Nate's Brides (or more commonly known as "The Brides") are a group of women who are utterly devoted to Nate Haskell, all of whom claim to be his bride. So far most appear to be highly unstable psychologically, and believe that Nate is innocent of the horrific crimes he has committed, even finding it an "injustice" when he is found guilty. Despite that, they are all fully capable of killing others, or even other Brides to please Nate. It's unknown how they reacted to his death, but it's obvious they were arrested and imprisoned for there roles in his crimes.

Known Brides[]

  • Tina Vincent (deceased; shot by Haskell in Cello and Goodbye)
  • Vivian Tinsdale (deceased; killed by Tina Vincent in Father of the Bride)
  • Robin (deceased; killed by Vivian Tinsdale in Targets of Obsession)
  • Three other unnamed "brides" (statuses unknown; likely defected due to Nate's death)