Minor Character: New York
Name Neal Cooper
Gender Male
City New York
Pathology Mass Murderer
Modus Operandi Truck derailment
No. of Victims 4 killed
20+ attempted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Michael McMillan
First Appearance Party Down

Neal Cooper is a mass murderer and stalker who appeared in Party Down in CSI:NY.


Cooper was barely recognized in his school and college years, except for his nervous stutter and severe awkwardness around girls and women, which he was often bullied over. When his parents died in a car accident, he grew lonely and hateful against the world. To this end, he planned to kill the people he deemed his worst tormentors and shunners as a plot of revenge. He commissioned Tina Morgan, a local cultural artist, to craft ornate invitations inviting four students he picked to lure to a fraudulent truck party: Jessica Simpson, Chris Boyle, John Everett, and Abigail West, all of whom he stalked and harassed over a period of months prior to his scheme. However, Jessica couldn't go, so her friend Victoria Enzo, the daughter of mob boss Carmen Enzo, took her place. Then, in order to disguise their deaths, Cooper spread the word of his party across the city, causing several other people to attend as well.

Once the party was in full swing, Cooper secretly locked everyone inside the trailer, got into the driver's seat, and drove the truck into the Hudson River. However, Boyle opened a hatch from the inside so everyone could get out. Four people still died, including Victoria and Everett, the latter of whom freed Copper from the driver's seat only to be impaled on the horned bumper when he recognized him and they fought. Cooper made it to the surface with the rest of the survivors and posed as another victim, employing a fifth invitation as a cover story and masking his stutter. The CSI team ruled out mob activity once the invitations were discovered and Morgan gave a police sketch. After Cooper was narrowed down as the remaining suspect, Mac Taylor noticed his uneasiness when a female officer came to bring some water, and how, when she poured and offered some at Mac's direction, Cooper wouldn't even grab the cup and it slipped from his hands. Confronting him with the tell and the damning evidence, he started to stutter again about his parents, his struggles in his past, and how he felt entitled to revenge. He was then arrested and publicly escorted out of the police station, whereupon he is shot and killed by Carmen.

Modus Operandi[]

Neal paid an artist named Wanda Cole to make ornate, calligraphic invitations to lure people that he hated from his childhood and college years to a truck party that he would sabotage. He also lured random people to the party with various other communications. Once the party started, he drove the truck at a high speed to the Hudson River and careened it off the edge of a harbor. The victims killed died from debris or drowning, except for John Everett, whose head was impaled on the horn of the truck's bumper adornment when he saved Cooper from the driver's seat. He also fabricated an invitation for himself to cover himself and throw off suspicion.

Known Victims[]

  • February 4, 2011: The party truck crash (four fatalities):
    • Cameron Marshall (drowned)
    • Brett Hollister (snapped his own neck after falling against a table edge)
    • Victoria Enzo (drowned)
    • John Everett (personally impaled on the truck's bumper adornment; was sent an invitation)
    • Chris Boyle (attempted; was sent an invitation)
    • Jessica Thompson (attempted; was sent an invitation, but Victoria Enzo went instead)
    • Abigail West (attempted; was sent an invitation)
    • Gene (attempted)
    • At least twelve unnamed guests (attempted)
    • Two unnamed taxi drivers (attempted to run over, but missed)
    • Two unnamed construction workers (attempted to run over, but missed)