Season 10
Number 15
Writer Tom Mularz
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate March 11, 2010
Previous Episode: Unshockable
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Neverland is the fifteenth episode in Season Ten of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When a 14-year-old boy is found murdered, the CSIs uncover evidence that might link his death to an old murder case that had recently resurfaced.


Victim: Will Sutter (deceased)

On the case: entire team

A video plays of a few joyous moments in a boy's life, while the boy sits in a dark, enclosed space. The following morning, an anonymous 911 call from a payphone alerts the CSIs to the boy's body being dumped in the desert. Since the call was made before sunrise, there's no way the caller could've seen the body from the road; the team may be looking at a prime suspect. Doc Robbins determines that the boy likely died four to eight hours ago from a blow to the head and discovers dried blood underneath his fingernails. Lack of a blood pool at the scene indicates that this was a body dump. Nick finds a compass, a pocket knife, a flashlight, an iPod, and a candy bar on the boy, as well as an ID lanyard from East Las Vegas High School, which indicates that the boy was at least 14 years old.

The boy is identified as Will Sutter. Catherine speaks with his tearful mother, Rebecca, who says that she didn’t check on Will when she got home from the club where she works the night before. She says Will’s father isn’t in his life, but she names two of Will’s friends: Mason Ward and Steve Reppling. Greg and Langston search the house for clues and find no signs of forced entry, indicating Will left of his own accord. Langston notes that this is especially true based on all of the items in Will's pockets. Greg opens Will's computer and finds recent online activity—the last thing he looked at was an article on tribal coming-of-age rituals.

Nick and Sara speak with Will’s two friends, Mason and Steve. Mason, the son of a police officer, tells Nick that Will wasn’t fun anymore—he was still a child, while Mason and Steve were into more “grown up” things, like girls and working out. Steve tells Sara that he last saw Will at school the day before, but Sara senses that something is off with the kid, which is confirmed when Steve throws up and she smells tequila on him.

Hodges tells Catherine he’s identified two fibers from Will’s body: one is widely used in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture and bedding, but the other is from the carpet of a 1970′s green Cadillac, possibly from the vehicle’s trunk. Elsewhere, Archie goes over Will’s computer and discovers that Will was exchanging e-mails with a librarian from Henderson. Langston questions Craig Lifford, the librarian, who tells him he met Will on a history forum on the internet. He admits to arranging to meet up with the boy to explore an old mine, but insists that the meeting never happened. Langston is skeptical, especially when he notices scratches on Craig's wrists. He takes Craig's DNA and informs him that Will is dead.

Wendy throws the CSIs a major curveball when she matches the blood under Will’s fingernails to a man named Simon Rose, who was a suspect in a case Sara worked. He was convicted of murdering his wife, Samantha, and has been in prison for the last two and a half years. Sara reviews the Rose case with the team, telling them that the police had been out to Simon’s house on several domestic battery calls before Samantha was murdered. She’s convinced Simon is guilty and suspects his legal team of planting the blood on Will. There were no preservatives found in the blood under Will's nails, and Langston wonders if Simon cut himself on purpose and bribed someone on the inside to plant evidence. Samantha's dress, which had some of Simon's blood on it, is in permanent storage at the Central Evidence Vault.

Simon’s attorney, Lynn Stagner, immediately goes to the press and claims Simon was wrongly convicted and that someone else with a similar DNA profile must've murdered Samantha. She posits to Brass that one of Simon’s many business enemies might have framed him—a theory, she says, that everyone treated like a joke. As for someone planting her client's blood at a crime scene, she's horrified to think that someone would kill a child to do so.

Langston goes to the prison to examine Simon Rose and gets a disconcerting “hello” from Nate Haskell via a fellow prisoner. He examines Simon and takes note of a cut on his neck. Simon relishes the moment, believing that his improper incarceration is in the process of being overturned.

Sara goes to the Central Evidence Vault and is escorted to the Rose case file by the guard, George Anderson. George shows her that no one has signed the Rose evidence out since the original trial, and she collects Samantha's dress from the evidence box. Outside, she stops dead in her tracks when she spots a green Cadillac in the parking lot. She asks George who the car belongs to, and is surprised when he answers that it’s his. Sara gets George to open the trunk and finds a candy wrapper inside like the one found on Will.

George is arrested. In interrogation, he admits to Brass that he was on his rounds when he caught Will digging around in the Rose evidence. He startled Will, who fell, struck his head, and died. Afraid that Will's intrusion would jeopardize his job as well as all of the case evidence in storage, George put his body in the trunk of his car and dumped him away from the building. He then called 911 to file an anonymous report. Back at the evidence locker, George put all of the evidence in a new box to make it look like nothing ever happened.

Nick and Langston examine the evidence locker, trying to figure out what Will was doing there. On a nearby shelf, Nick finds a piece of paper with the number of the Rose case on it and an algebra equation on the back. He notes that anyone with access to the C-Track Database could've gained access to the case number and they sent Will into the locker because he was good at following directions and would only get a slap on the wrist if he was caught.

An anonymous call to the police encourages them to look at Will's mother, for she recently deposited a large sum of money into her bank account. Rebecca identifies the voice on the tape as Will's father. Catherine tells Rebecca that her son died while trying to steal evidence from the Rose case and brings up the fact that Simon was a silent partner in a club she used to work in. Rebecca admits to having served Simon drinks in the past and explains that the $10,000 deposit occurred after Will’s father got drunk, won some money, and gave her some of it for child support. When he sobered up and wanted it back, she refused.

Trying to figure out how Will got into the evidence locker, Archie and Nick go over the surveillance videos and see a bloody couch being brought in as evidence. Recalling the upholstery fibers on the boy, Nick and Langston head back to the locker and discover the couch covered in fish blood, which was a decoy. The inside was hollowed out so that Will could hide inside, while the bloody couch was transported into the evidence locker by officers believing it was covered in human blood. When the facility was shut down for the night, Will exited the couch and continued his mission.

Brass talks to officer Kenneth Ward, Mason’s father. Evidence shows that he used the C-Track database to look up information on the Rose case, something Officer Ward denies. He does, however, recall that Mason was visiting him at the office that day and had access to his computer. When shown a photo of the bloody couch, he recognizes it as one from his garage. Brass and Officer Ward go to the Ward residence to speak to Mason and find him badly beaten on the floor of his room. Mason is taken to the hospital, while Greg and Nick scour his room for evidence.

Greg finds the algebra homework the piece of paper from the evidence locker was torn from, while Nick comes across the bat used to strike Mason—as well as attorney Lynn Stagner’s card. At the hospital, Brass asks Lynn about the card, and she tells him that Mason came up to her and told her how Will snuck into the evidence vault and got Simon's blood under his fingernails. He threatened to tell the police everything unless Lynn gave him $5,000. She gave Mason $200 for cab fare and sent him packing, but not before giving him her business card because she liked his boldness and initiative.

Mandy matches the bloody print on the bat to a print found at another crime scene. Three days earlier, a vacant house had been set on fire. A few items were found inside, including a bong. The print on the bong matches the print found on the baseball bat. Since the vacant house is in the vicinity of Will and Mason's houses, the team figures that there has to be a connection between the two cases. Langston looks at the photo of the vacant house and notes that it's on the corner of Harris Street and Rose Street.

Recalling that Mason was in his father's office using the computer, Catherine believes that Mason was looking up information about the house on Rose Street because he had something to do with the fire. He accidentally came up with the number for the Simon Rose case instead and wrote it down for Will. Greg figures that Will complied with the request because he wanted to continue to be invited to hang out with his friends. Noticing that an empty bottle of tequila was found at the scene of the house fire, Sara immediately thinks of Steve Reppling.

The CSIs find Steve at the house on Rose Street, having set the house on fire. Langston and Sara rescue Steve; in the process, Langston recovers a singed $100 bill. At the station, Steve admits that he and Mason were drinking and smoking up in the house. After Mason accidentally set the curtains on fire (leading to larger blaze), the boys split. The fire department eventually extinguished the fire and the police came to collect the evidence. Knowing that Will was the smart one in the group, they went to his house and asked him for help in retrieving the evidence, fearing that their prints would incriminate them. Steve admits that he attacked Mason with the bat after Steve gloated that he was making money off of Will's death. He then tried to burn the money in the house, as he considered it "blood money.". Stating that Will was the one that deserved to grow up, not them.

Mason looked up the evidence, but he got the wrong locker number and they sent Will in to retrieve it, which ended in Will's death. As Nick boxes up the evidence, he comes across Will's iPod. He plays a video on it, which is the same video we saw in the beginning of the episode. A flashback shows Will watching it while he was hiding in the couch, reliving happier times with his mother and his friends.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
  • Archie Kao as Archie Johnson
  • Faith Prince as Lynn Stagner
  • James Keane as George Anderson
  • Valerie Dillman as Rebecca Sutter
  • Aidan Gould as Will Sutter (victim)
  • Nathan Kress as Mason Ward
  • Noah Gray-Cabey as Steve Reppling
  • Eddie Jemison as Craig Lifford
  • Jason Brooks as Simon Rose
  • MarilyneRose Mari as Samantha Rose Davids (2006 victim)
  • James Macdonald as Officer Kenneth Ward
  • Edward Gusts as Trustee
  • Gabriel Salvador as Corrections Officer


Sara Sidle: Steve, you don't look so good. Are you feeling okay?
Steve Reppling: Yeah, I'm fine.
Sara Sidle: Look, I know what you mean about moving on to other things. When I was your age, I couldn't get there quick enough. I started to wish there was some magic potion I could swallow to make myself older, cooler—turned out there was. The down side was, the next day, I would feel awful: my mouth would be dry, my head would be pounding, and I could smell this sweet, sugary poison seeping out of my pores.
Steve Reppling: (vomits watery liquid onto the floor)
Sara Sidle: You're a tequila man, huh Steve?

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