Minor Character: Miami
Nickolas pike
Name Nicholas Pike
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Nightclub Owner
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Strangulation
No. of Victims 2 killed
2 attempted
1 attempted incrimination
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By David Lee
First Appearance Sunblock

"They were never really alive. I was doing them a favor."

Nicholas Pike is a budding serial killer who appeared in season six of CSI: Miami.


"People seem to think there's an immediate reaction. It's like a sunburn: it takes a while before it shows up."

Pike was once very physically active, but when he was diagnosed with phototoxicity, allergy to the sun, he was forced to stay indoors during the bright hours of the day. As a result he started to obsess over the people outside who could move around freely, even buying a telescope so he could watch them. He became angered that they were wasting their lives and started killing them.

Season Six[]


After killing recluse Diane Long, the episode starts with Pike choking Ronnie Temple to death with his signature weapon, in the chair Temple sells drugs from. Sean Hodges was a brief suspect from cuts matching that which would be from the weapon, but he relays he cut his hands on sharp holes in the beach chair Temple was murdered on. Mario Montero was also a suspect, from his dog's hair and his own hair modified with canine genes at the scene, but he was ruled out as a suspect when he was nearly strangled himself, his dog scaring Pike off. Hodges was again suspected when his blood was found at Montero's attack, but was quickly released as well when they find the holes Pike drilled into the chair, also figuring out Pike went back later to take Hodges' blood left behind to frame him at the scene. Pike was found throughout the investigations, questioned on his alibi, which was working at the nightclub he personally owned. He was later brought in for testing to see if he was wearing the topical cream needed for his phototoxic condition, but he skipped long enough that the tests would be negative, not blistering from his exposure to the sun. But the evidence finally clinched the investigation when his automated telescope revealed the crime scenes preprogrammed into the device. A fourth victim, a video game player, was shown still alive, leading Horatio Caine and Eric Delko to stop Pike just in time before the youth was killed. he was first seen obscured by his black clothes, but when he turned and surrendered, his face was covered with red bursts of blisters and burns from sun exposure. He admits in interrogation his allergic reactions happen over time, not instantly, still not too different from sunburns. he stonewalls by saying they don't have a weapon, but Caine notices blood on his watch and tells him to hand it over. Delko twists and pulls the knob, revealing the hidden garrote used in the strangulations inside, still covered in blood. Pike then confesses to everything, calling out how Long and Montero were within walking distance and could've met as easily as they chatted, adding Temple was a mere loser for selling poolside drugs. he voices his disgust on how they wasted their lives instead of lived in in his eyes, saying he "was doing them a favor". Caine simply says he doesn't decide that for them before Pike's taken into custody.

Modus Operandi[]

Pike would spy on his victims using telescope through his apartment window, targeting those he felt were wasting their lives (of the four people he targeted, three would spend a lot of their time with electronics). He strangled his victims to death with a garrote wire concealed in his wristwatch. He used the cover of an eclipse or night because of his condition. With the exception of Ronnie Temple, all the victims were attacked in their homes. To diver the investigation from him he would plant false evidence from patsies, particularly Sean Hodges. Pike drilled holes in a pool chair so Hodges would cut his hands on them to evoke the marks of a wire, then took his blood later and left it at Montero's attempted murder scene to frame him, which would eventually be unsuccessful.

Known Victims[]

  • 2007:
    • October 28: Diana Long (spent excessive time on her computer)
    • October 29:
      • Sean Hodges (poolboy and patsy; assaulted and framed; drill holes into a pool chair to cut his hands when lifting it; later retrieved his blood and placed it at Monter's crime scene)
      • Ronnie Temple (sold drugs by his cabana; killed during an eclipse)
      • Mario Montero (attempted, but survived; the attack was interrupted by his dog; spent excessive time on his computer)
    • October 30: Unnamed victim (intended; played video games)


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