Minor Character: Miami
Name Nick Townsend
Gender Male
Family Natalia Boa Vista (ex-wife)
Anya (Ex-sister-in-law)
Christine (Ex-sister-in-law)
City Miami
Occupation Crime Scene Clean Up
Pathology Convicted Stalker
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Rob Estes
First Appearance If Looks Could Kill

Nick Townsend is the ex-husband of CSI Natalia Boa Vista. He was portrayed by Rob Estes in season five of CSI: Miami.

Season Five[]

If Looks Could Kill[]

Upon his release from prison, Nick re-entered Natalia's life as an employee of a crime-scene cleaning company who often worked crime scenes his ex-wife was assigned to process. Nick's treatment of Natalia following his parole consisted primarily of unwanted flirtation, which pushed Natalia into shoving him at a crime scene, an action Nick used as basis for a restraining order against her.

Under the order, Natalia was forced to leave any crime scene Nick was sent to clean, which threatened her job. Nick subsequently agreed to drop the restraining order, provided Natalia treated him civilly from then on. Nick became a less-than-desirable presence on the job for both Natalia and Eric Delko, for whom Nick also took delight in causing discomfort due to Eric's prior romantic relationship with Natalia.

Internal Affairs[]

Nick was murdered following a date with Maxine Valera, who'd shoved him to the floor in response to his unwanted advances and fled, thinking him dead.

Though both Maxine and Natalia were suspected for the crime, Nick was in fact killed by a man whose wife had committed a murder Nick had worked that day. The man's name was Jeff Murdock and Lauren Sloan his wife. Nick had taken Lauren's valuable earring from the crime scene and was bludgeoned to death when he taunted Jeff and refused to return them. He needed the earrings returned as they could've proved his wife's guilt in the previous murder investigation Nick had cleaned.


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