Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Nicole Jones
Gender Female
Family Mark Jones (husband)
Melissa Jones (daughter; deceased)
Haley Jones (adopted daughter; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Motel Manager
Pathology Double murderer
Modus Operandi Poisoning
No. of Victims 2 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Lisa Darr
First Appearance Turn, Turn, Turn

Nicole Jones is the adoptive mother of Haley Jones and a budding serial killer, responsible for the deaths of Haley and her biological mother, Tanya Carrow. She appeared in Turn, Turn, Turn in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Nicole and her husband had a daughter named Melissa, who was babysat by regular convict Tanya Carrow. One day, Carrow left Melissa unattended during her bath, which resulted in her drowning. The Joneses were devastated, and Nicole never forgave her for her actions. While she was incarcerated for negligent homicide, Carrow was pregnant again. To repay the grieving parents for what she did, she offered her daughter, who took the couple's surname and was named Haley. The two were already working at Park Pines Motel off Freemont in Las Vegas. When previous owner and their boss Dale Durney disappeared, having died in the ceiling of one of the rooms, not only was he never found for months, but the Joneses inherited the business. Haley grew up to be a spunky, curious, playful teenager, but Nicole was always strict with her and hated her being the daughter of Carrow, Melissa's killer. She felt she had less control over Haley as she was growing older by the day.

Turn, Turn, Turn[]

Nicole's first seen calling Haley away from Nick Stokes, when he's investigating the deaths of Harry Steadwell and Dale Durney on his birthday. She and Mark elaborate on how Durney disappeared and they took over running the motel. Eventually it's revealed both deaths are accidents. They're called again to the hotel months later when Bree Lindale accuses Mark of sexual assault. Nicole vehemently defends him, and when it's tied to Bree's birthday bonfire, which Nicole forbade Haley from going to, Nicole caves when her cameras found with photos on it: she photographed the scene to show the adult activities there, which Haley lashes out at her over, as she was already cyberbullied for imitating Bree, which led to their friendship ending. It's revealed that's why Bree falsely accused Mark: she wanted to stay away from Haley still. Nicole's photos leave them suspects and straight to the real attempted rapist, Dave Henkel, Bree's ex-boyfriend. Months after that, Carrow arrives at the hotel to see Haley all grown up. Nicole doesn't permit it, and she has the two drink tea, Carrow's cup spiked with a lethal dose of meth that poisons her. Another guest smells the meth when Nicole walks past with the cups. Haley, not turned goth, finds Carrow's corpse, leading to the CSIs being called a third time. Carrow's father Frank identifies her in the morgue, leaving a memorial for her at the motel, holding a baby Haley in her arms. Exactly a year after Stokes first met Haley, once again on his birthday, Haley finds the photo and changes herself to look like her biological mother, hating Nicole for having hated her for years and now realizing the excuse of why. Nicole finally lost it and threatened Haley with scissors to cut her hair because she hated how she looked like Carrow. An altercation at the parking grounds of the motel led to the two inching closer to each other. When Haley turned toward Nicole, the scissors impaled in her chest. She died from bleeding in around a minute, Nicole cleaning up after herself and disposing of her bloody clothes. Mark, in tears, reveals the truth about Melissa and Haley. Searching the family's apartment reveals the bloody clothes she tried to keep from them. She bitterly confesses to both the murders she committed and the motives behind them she still never got over. She was arrested and incarcerated for her crimes.

Known Victims[]

  • Tanya Carrow (poisoned with methamphetamine in her tea)
  • Haley Jones (incidental; stabbed in her heart with scissors when she turned)