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Minor Character: Cyber
Name Nina Moore
Gender Female
City Quantico
Pathology Stalker
Attempted Murderer
No. of Victims 2 stalked
2 attempted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Molly Burnett

Nina Moore was a stalker who targeted Elijah Mundo and his family. She appeared in Season 2 of CSI: Cyber.


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Season Two[]


Elijah goes to a bar after work and confides in Nina, telling her that his father has cancer he's refusing treatment for. He admits that she's the first person he's told about this, and she replies that it's sometimes easier to talk to a stranger.

Shades of Grey[]

While investigating a case involving bank fraud, Elijah realizes that thousands of dollars were accrued on his bank-issued debit card. He remembers that he left his card and driver's license behind one night while at the bar where Nina works. She eventually returned the items, but Elijah grew suspicious that Nina was the one behind the outrageous charges.

Elijah returns home from work and is shocked to see that his wife Devon has invited a new friend over for dinner—Nina. The two women just happen to share a spin class. When Nina mentions that Elijah had stopped at her bar and shared his personal problems with her, an argument ensues between Devon and Elijah. Nina excuses herself from the house, leaving with a somewhat spiteful look on her face.

5 Deadly Sins[]

Elijah's father, Calvin, stops by the bar and orders Nina to leave Elijah and Devon alone. As he's about to leave, he collapses to the floor. When Elijah goes to the hospital, he's shocked to find Nina by Calvin's beside. She admits that she passed herself off as Elijah's wife so she could stay with Calvin. Much to Elijah's horror, Nina says that she's the one who saved Calvin's life by administering CPR after he had stopped by the bar to have a "friendly chat." Elijah pushes Nina up against the wall and angrily tells her that he's filing a restraining order against her.

Despite the warnings, Nina is soon seen standing by Calvin's bedside. She thanks the unresponsive Calvin for bringing Elijah into her life once more. When Elijah arrives in the room, Nina is nowhere to be found; however, he finds a note attached to a bouquet of flowers. The note simply reads: "Get better soon, Nina."


Nina files a restraining order against Elijah, turning the tables. As Elijah leaves work, she confronts him in the parking garage and holds him at gunpoint. She claims that she just wanted to be his friend; however, he responded by pushing her away. D.B. Russell gets off the elevator, hears the argument, draws his gun, and confronts Nina. Gunshots are heard, and the team soon finds Russell bleeding from a gunshot wound, while Nina is dead. Russell loses consciousness, but is later shown to have survived the shooting.

Known Victims[]

  • October 2015-March 2016:
    • Elijah Mundo (stalked)
    • Devon Atwood (Elijah's wife; also stalked)
  • March 13, 2016, the FBI parking lot standoff:
    • Elijah Mundo (held at gunpoint and attempted to kill)
    • D.B. Russell (attempted, but barely survived; was shot in the abdomen)


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