No Way Out
No Way Out
Season 9
Number 17
Writer Fulvia Charles-Lindsay
Director Alec Smight
Original Airdate March 12, 2009
Previous Episode: Turn, Turn, Turn
Next Episode: Mascara

No Way Out is the seventeenth episode in Season Nine of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


While investigating a gang-related shooting in an otherwise quiet suburban neighborhood, Raymond and Riley are held hostage.


Victims: Bill French and Jason Morley (both deceased), Priscilla Hatcher (alive), Reggie Hatcher and Frankie Kirkland (both missing)

On the case: entire team

The CSI team participates in a hostage exercise to hone their skills, with Riley getting props for using her name when communicating to Greg when he was taken hostage. Afterwards, they get a call for a multiple homicide.

At the scene, Brass tells them what he knows. The Neighborhood Watch captain, Bill French, is lying dead in the middle of the cul de sac, the victim of a gunshot. A seven-year-old boy was also killed by a stray bullet. All of the action happened in front of the Hatcher house, which is a short distance down the street. Witness reports vary, as there could be anywhere between two and four suspects of various ethnicities and their getaway vehicle was a dark colored SUV.

The suspects parked down the street from the Hatcher house facing the wrong way, then proceeded on foot to the house. Before being taken to the hospital with a head wound, the owner, Priscilla Hatcher, told police that an undetermined number of suspects broke in and roughed up her, her son, and her nephew. Both the son, Reggie, and the nephew, Frankie, are missing. On the front porch of the Hatcher house, the CSIs find evidence that suggests a fight started in the house and continued outside, which is consistent with the statement Priscilla gave.

A .38 caliber gun with two shots fired is found next to Bill's body; however, several 9mm casings are found in the area. There's a blood pool near the body and a blood trail leading from it, likely from a second source. Nearby, Brian Morley holds the body of his seven-year-old son, Jason; with coaxing from Greg, Brian releases the body to David Phillips. Back in the cul de sac, Catherine observes broken lights and paint transfer on a parked car. Based on the blood trail and the tire tracks leading out of the cul de sac, she guesses that one of the suspects was shot, got into the car, and left in a hurry.

Langston and Nick search the ransacked Hatcher house. There, Langston discovers that Reggie was the valedictorian of his high school class, while Nick lifts a palm print off of a fallen television. A further search reveals that Reggie, now a student at WLVU, was staying in the house. Langston comes across Reggie's checkbook, which indicates that his address is right down the street; in fact, it's the house the SUV was parked in front of. Langston and Brass go to check out the house, which is empty. Brass gets a call that a gunshot victim was admitted to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Catherine and Brass that their suspect is dead from a gunshot to the leg. A 9mm gun was found in his possession, and cuts on his face indicate that he could've been the one that went through the window of the Hatcher house. The victim is identified as Marcus Garfield, a member of the Snakeback gang; he has five arrests for drugs and various armed assaults. Brass notes that the Hatcher house isn't in Snakeback territory, but Catherine says that Reggie was a student at WLVU, which is in their territory. It's possible that Reggie was the target all along; if so, he and Frankie may already be dead.

Surveillance video from the hospital shows Marcus getting thrown out of the SUV at the emergency entrance. It turns out that the vehicle is registered to Marcus, meaning that he might've driven to the crime scene, but not the hospital. The bullets and casings at the crime scene are all 9mm; there are 27 in total. Interestingly enough, there was no ammo found inside the Hatcher house. If the goal was to kill Reggie, the suspects would've done so inside. The question remains: if the killers didn't want to kill Reggie, what did they want? Catherine gets a call from Brass; a car belonging to Snakeback member Aaron Sweets has been found in a mall parking lot. When the trunk is opened, Aaron's body is inside. Parking tickets indicate that Aaron has been dead for two days, meaning that he's not the missing suspect.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins pulls four .22 caliber bullets from Aaron, and the time of death is confirmed to be 24 to 48 hours ago. Aaron was indeed dead before the shootout. In the layout room, the team goes over the events of the shootings. The handprint from the television in the Hatcher house belongs to Robert "Little Bobby" Danward, another member of the Snakebacks. Marcus and Little Bobby gained access to the Hatcher house, where Marcus and Reggie got into a fight and crashed through the front window. The fight continued into the street, where Bill shot Marcus in the leg. Marcus fired back and hit Bill several times, as well as hitting seven-year-old Jason with a stray bullet. Aaron's body was found six blocks away from the scene, and there was no .22 caliber ammo there. A check of Aaron's phone records indicates that he called Reggie's land line six times in the four days leading up the incidents.

Langston and Riley search Reggie's house again; no drugs or weapons are found upstairs. Curiously, there are no land line phones to be found, either. Riley dials Reggie's home number and they hear a phone ring. They follow the ringing to a closet, which turns out to be an entrance to the basement. Down there, they find a PCP lab, complete with highly explosive chemicals.

Det. Vega tells Brass that the word on the street is that Reggie has been pushing drugs on Snakeback turf without cutting them in. Meanwhile, Greg tells an appreciative Brian that they found out who shot his son and that the killer is also dead. Down the street, Langston and Riley take pictures of the PCP lab and send them to Catherine. Langston finds blood on the floor that's still wet. Before Riley can call it in, Reggie emerges from a hidden room and points a gun at them; Frankie is inside bleeding heavily from a glass shard embedded in his chest. Langston calmly tells Reggie that, due to the chemicals, he'll blow up the whole house if he fires his gun. When Greg arrives to check in on them, Riley refers to him as "Riley" and tells him everything's okay. Greg calls Riley "Sanders" and departs. Outside, he walks out of frame of the house's surveillance camera and calls the situation in to Brass.

Langston tells Frankie that he's a doctor and that he can tend to Reggie's injury. Reggie is brought into the lab where there's more light. Langston tells him that if he tried to pull the glass shard out of his chest, he probably would've died; the shard is keeping the blood in the body. Both boys are having reactions to the chemicals, and Langston tries unsuccessfully to get them to leave the house. Reggie encourages Frankie to let Langston help them, but Frankie accuses him of being on the cops' side. The two boys argue, with an increasingly unhinged Frankie telling Reggie that the lab was his idea and that he killed Aaron when Reggie tried to pay him off. Langston gets Frankie to get him some supplies to help Reggie, while Riley is in charge of sealing the chemical containers. However, upon going to her kit, she knocks over her police radio. When Frankie sees this, he clocks Riley in the forehead with the butt of his gun. Riley convinces Frankie that she needs to respond to the radio before it sends out an alert; when she does so, she turns it on.

The rest of the team is set up on the street out of view of the surveillance camera. They listen in on Riley's radio and are able to surmise that Reggie is injured and that Frankie has the only gun. Over the hot mic, Frankie admits to killing Aaron with his .22 caliber handgun. A news chopper flies overhead; when Frankie hears it, he figures Riley turned her radio on. He smashes the radio and puts the gun to his chin, telling Langston that if Reggie dies, then they all will.

Frankie refuses to answer the basement phone as it continues to ring. Langston tells him that Reggie needs to get to a hospital and be worked on by a surgeon, but Frankie is insistent that nobody is leaving. Reggie will have to be worked on there, but Langston doesn't have all of the necessary equipment, as the first aid kit is in the truck outside. When the phone rings again, Riley answers it and tells Brass that she's coming up to get the kit, but needs to be able to come back down.

When Riley comes up to get the kit, Nick is hiding behind an adjacent car out of view of the surveillance cameras. Using hand signals, Riley communicates that she's armed and doesn't need help, grabs the kit, and heads back into the house. Downstairs, Langston uses ether to put Reggie under. With Riley assisting, he pulls the glass from Reggie's chest, which causes blood to start spurting up. When Frankie approaches to see what's going on, Riley pulls her gun on him. She convinces him to give up his gun in order to help Langston save Reggie's life. With Frankie disarmed, Riley calls Brass and tells him that they need an ambulance.

Outside, Frankie is arrested and put into a squad car while Reggie is taken to the hospital. Langston tells Brass to treat Frankie fairly, as the kid doesn't have to be a lost cause. As the team gathers in the street, Langston and Riley share glances while everyone else shows their relief that the two came out of the situation successfully.


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