Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Officer Casella
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation LVPD Officer
Modus Operandi Burning (unintentional)
No. of Victims 2 unintentionally
Status Alive
Portrayed By Sam Witwer
First Appearance Go to Hell

Casella is an LVPD Officer in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation whose careless actions tend to leave citizens dead.

Season Eight[]

Go to Hell[]

Casella was interrogated by CSIs Sara Sidle and Ronnie Lake after his fingerprints were found on the driver's license of a dead homeless man Eddie Kaye. Casella explains that two homeless people were fighting over a sandwich and he and his partner broke it up. Eddie punched Casella in the face and Casella arrested him and checked his ID but later let him go after his partner explained that homeless people assault cops to get access to free air conditioning, food and water. Sidle then angrily tells him Eddie died due to dehydration.

The Theory of Everything[]

Casella was reassigned to the front desk after the Kaye investigation. One night, a man named Kyle Planck goes on a rampage assaulting cops in the precinct trying to escape. Casella yells at the civilians to get out of the way and pepper sprays Planck in the face and later witnesses him getting tasered by a fellow officer and set on fire. Casella is later brought in for questioning after CSIs determine his pepper spray is not department issue: his pepper spray is isobutane based, not water based. Casella confesses his girlfriend took his department issued pepper spray for protection at her job as a stripper so he bought another can on the way to work to cover himself. The Crime Lab proves that Casella's pepper spray was the cause of the Planck bursting into flames.

As a result, Casella was presumably personally named in the lawsuit filled by Planck's parents and probably fired as he is never seen again.

Known Victims[]

  • 2007: Eddie Kaye (indirectly; died of dehydration after he and his partner refused to arrest him for assault)
  • 2008: Kyle Planck (accidentally killed when Casella pepper sprayed him with non-department-issued spray causing him to be set on fire after Officer Choi tasered him)


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