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Minor Character: Las Vegas
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Name Joe Metcalf
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation LVPD Officer
Status Alive
Portrayed By Joseph Patrick Kelly

Joe Metcalf is an officer with the LVPD in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He often clears scenes for CSI.

On the Job[]

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Season 5[]

Big Middle[]

After bringing in some obese women, which earns them amusement from the other officers, Metcalf warns Sara Sidle about them making a stampede, which leads to her reprimanding him for making fun of their weight before he and the officers leave.

4 x 4[]

Metcalf was at the scene of a hit and run involving a Humvee, eating a taco from a stand that was the intentional target, complimenting how it was the best he ever had with a passing Gil Grissom sarcastically saying he is happy for them both.

Metcalf later accompanies Grissom to the scene where the Humvee was carjacked.


So far, Kelly appeared in 42 episodes, being the first "Pilot" and the last "Helpless".


  • In The Theory of Everything, he mentions having a girlfriend who studies at the University of Las Vegas and works nights as a dancer.