Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Larry Mitchell
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation LVPD Officer
Status Alive
Portrayed By Larry M. Mitchell
First Appearance Room Service

Larry "Mitch" Mitchell is an officer with the LVPD in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He often clears scenes for CSI. He has been a recurring character since season 6.


Officer Mitchell is usually the chief officer in the LVPD, who clears out crime scenes and even sometimes follows up suspects for the CSI team. All of the CSI team know and respect him, since he usually puts his life on the line by protecting the CSI's, whatever the situation.

In No Way Out, when Raymond Langston and Riley Adams were held hostage, he personally managed to get the rest of the LVPD on the scene without alerting the people holding them hostage.

He has a good relationship with Jim Brass, seeing as they are both more Law Enforcement personnel rather than CSIs. Like Brass, he is also one of the few officers who understands forensics and he knows the importance of the evidence. So he takes care not to disturb any evidence whilst clearing a crime scene.

Season Six[]

Room Service[]

Mitchell first appears in Room Service, when he jokes that a suspect who is suffering from priapism after taking prevalis, is "packing a small, friendly weapon".

Season Seven[]

Fallen Idols[]

When Grissom asked Mitch if he had an assigned parking spot in high school, Mitch replies negatively and never had a car.

Big Shots[]

While heading to the James' new residence, Mitch mocks about them taking long to spend taxpayers' money, which Sofia tells him it is not funny. When Mrs. James throws wine at Sofia in an attempt to destroy the warrant, Mitch gets some of it in his eyes.

The Good, The Bad, And The Dominatrix[]

Mitch observes Nick collecting paint chips where a pickpocketer was killed and asked if Nick wanted a cup of coffee, but he requests to be longer. Then, a drunk driver crashes into Mitch's car and he goes to check on the driver while Nick tries to stop the bleeding passenger, but they were already dead.

Season Nine[]

No Way Out[]

Greg passes by Mitch, who was drinking coffee, to check up on Langston and Riley, who were processing a PCP lab. Greg later came out to discreetly inform him that the two CSIs are held hostage with Mitch warning the former the suspect has a camera before Greg leaves to call for backup. He later places the suspect in the back of a police car.


Langston meets up with Mitch before they check the office of the former's murdered student to find it ransacked.

Season Eleven[]

House of Hoarders[]

Mitch and Akers head to a hoarder's house to evict her, but the front door is blocked by the hoarder's amount of clutter when Akers tries to kick in the door.

All That Cremains[]

Mitch accompanies Langston to inform a dancer's ex-boyfriend was murdered.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead[]

Upon being called to a scene of a suspicious murder, the victim suddenly got up and walked away, upon finding the victim on a surveillance, Brass mentions that it was the second time a victim dropped dead but soon got up. They also observe some of the officers act like zombies, they decide to keep it secret. Later, Mitch accompanies Catherine and Sara to a graveyard, both teasing him about looking at the graves before coming across the suspect that was in the morgue before he flees, only to end up ran over by a passing motorist. Mitch goes to check on him, only to discover he is dead before deciding the cuff him regardless.

In a Dark, Dark House[]

Mitch is one of the many officers to respond to Nate Haskell's murder, and drives Ray and Gloria to the hospital.

Season Twelve[]


While observing an illegal dump site with an artist that led them there upon the discovery of a body in concrete, the artist asks about wondering if he could purchase a used police car, to which Mitch tells the former to keep quiet. Mitch accompanies Russell and Sara when Ed Burrows tortured Gina Sinclair before talking him down, and Mitch arrests him.

Season Thirteen[]

Karma to Burn[]

With the entire department under suspicion, Brass assigns Mitchell to take over watch duty of Jeffrey McKeen, ensuring nobody communicates with McKeen. Later, Mitchell assists with Jeffrey McKeen's transfer to a federal penitentiary.

Code Blue Plate Special[]

When Nick arrives at the scene of a second shooting at Frank's Diner, Mitch calms him down and informs him that it was just an accidental discharge. When asked what Ecklie was doing "out of bed", Mitch simply shrugs his shoulders as he walks away.

Play Dead[]

Mitch discusses the local illegal clinics with Brass and Nick. When Sam spots the suspect, Mitch gives chase and ushers the civilians out of the way of the suspects firing line. With the suspect incapacitated by Sam, Mitch assists Brass by taking him into custody.

Fallen Angels[]

Mitch and Russell head to the hospital to arrest Aaron Voss. After a brief discussion, Mitch reads Voss his rights and takes him into custody.

CSI on Fire[]

Mitch goes to see Brass and tells him that he should turn on the TV.

Double Fault[]

He is a fan of Tara Janssen and at the station, he asks her if she would sign his tennis ball, which she accepts before Brass arrives and tells the officers to get back to work.

In Vino Veritas[]

Greg and Sara come across Mitch, who confiscated a rifle from two kids who were shooting at a wine barrel that had a body in it. He later threatens to taze an international wine connoisseur when he kept smashing bottle of wine that were revealed to be counterfeit.

Season Fourteen[]

Long Road Home[]

Mitch escorts Gene Simmons to Brass' office, where the singer had turned in a suspect before Mitch goes to get her from Gene's limo.


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