Minor Character: New York
Name Olivia Dalton
Gender Female
Family Natalie Dalton (mother)
City New York
No. of Victims 1 attempted
Status Alive
Portrayed By Shaya McCord (age 5)
Kayla Carlson (age 14)
First Appearance Exit Strategy

Olivia Dalton is a girl who was abducted by Kenny Hexton and Wes Dillon in 2002, being rescued nine years later in Exit Strategy in CSI:New York.


Olivia's mother, Natalie, had an alcohol problem, which she constantly referred to as "headaches" to spare Olivia from being scarred. Olivia took it upon herself to walk to a bodega with change in her purse in hopes of getting an aspirin. Jae Kwon and Andrew Parker were working that night, willing to oblige to help her; however, that night was an ill-fated one for all of them, as thugs Kenny Hexton and Wes Dillon barged in to stick the bodega up and rob it of its cash. Olivia witnessed Kwon shoot Hexton, the lead, to wound him, but Kwon and Parker were shot for their troubles as a result. Hexton caught sight of Olivia and, realizing she saw the whole playout, was close to killing her, but Dillon talked him down, leading to the two abducting her out of the store to not leave her behind as a witness. Hexton's then-girlfriend, Jackie Thompson, was paid a visit before the duo fled, never knowing Olivia was right outside her door. After four days on the run with Olivia in captivity, Hexton wanted to kill her and demanded Dillon shoot her dead, but by paternal instinct, Dillon pistol-whipped Hexton to the ground and ditched him, taking Olivia for himself partly to save her from Hexton. Dillon lied to her for nine years about who she was and where she came from, partly to not get caught, but also partly because he cared to raise her as an illicitly "adoptive" guardian. They moved around, staying in Georgia for much of Olivia's younger childhood, before settling in Shelby, North Carolina, where Olivia aged to 14 after being kidnapped 9 years ago when she was 5. A landlady they stayed with in Georgia, Samantha Rogers, remembered him as a wonderful parent, even working to cover Olivia's health when she was diagnosed with a heart condition, leaving a pill bottle behind with Rogers by accident. Natalie Dalton, in the meantime, became sober after her daughter's disappearance but gave up on finding her within the 9 years.

Exit Strategy[]

After Mac Taylor decides to reopen the last cold case on his desk, the bodega robbery-shooting, and retesting the DNA samples at the scene, particularly on Olivia's change purse she dropped when she was kidnapped, reveals she was there, and the bodega's where she went missing when her mother was drunk that night. Thompson's interrogated by Jo Danville, who reveals Hexton's visit and gives a postcard Dillon wrote from Boston, since Hexton had bad handwriting. Hexton's tracked and arrested, but it only gets harder once revealed Dillon had Olivia for nine years and left Hexton to fend for himself, barely knowing Dillon outside of their shared crimes. On a limb, the team releases the postcard in an AMBER Alert across the country, and when Rogers recognizes the handwriting, they catch the lead they need. They head to Georgia, and she tells them the time they spent in their house, which she remembers fondly, giving them the pill bottle with Olivia's meds left behind. Given the evidence they have, they find her by her description in Shelby, leading Taylor and local SWAT to respond and rescue her. Olivia's first scene helping Dillon fix his pickup and asking if she can learn how to drive. Dillon says she should be 16, but when she insists, he promises to at least show her the ropes with his supervision. In that moment, the police arrive, Dillon being on alert and Olivia startled and confused. Dillon's close to his toolbox, which holds both his gun and his car keys. Taylor shouts at the other officers not to fire, but when Dillon grabs his car keys, as Taylor figured, the SWAT officers gun him down anyway, in front of Olivia, who's horrified and runs over to Dillon to cry over him, Dillon apologizing to her before he dies. She then, in a moment of hate and grief, grabs his gun and aims it at Taylor while still in tears. She can't stand the person she thought she knew and was raised by died and had trouble believing Taylor when he tells her the truth about her abduction and her real mother. But he staves her off long enough he takes the gun promising to take her home. She's never charged, and she's reunited uncertainly with Natalie, who's surprised to see her all grow up and cries as she approaches and hugs her.