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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Olivia Hodges
Name Olivia Hodges
Gender Female
Family David Hodges (son)
City Las Vegas
Status Alive
Portrayed By Jaclyn Smith
First Appearance Malice in Wonderland

Olivia Hodges is the mother of lab tech David Hodges in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Season Twelve[]

Malice in Wonderland[]

She is first seen in this episode after she visits her son, Hodges. This is because she discovers that Hodges has got a girlfriend, even though he is lying. So, to cover up his lie Hodges convinces Morgan to pretend to be his girlfriend. She agrees much to Ecklie's dismay, as he doesn't want his daughter to pretend to be dating Hodges.

Hodges and Morgan set up a meal in a resturant, inviting Ecklie and Olivia. Ecklie and Olivia begin flirting with one another much to Morgan and Hodges disgust.

However after the dinner, two suspects that D.B. Russell and the team have been chasing in connection to a series of heists and murders, abduct Olivia and Hodges. Whilst they are being transported by the the criminals, Olivia and her son continue to argue over their relationship with each other and Hodges reveals that he isn't actually dating Morgan. The arguement and confusion gives Hodges a chance to distract the driver, which causes the van to crash and allows the LVPD to arrest the suspects.

Olivia and Hodges survive with minor injuries and repair their relationship with each other. Hodges joins her on her trip to Italy, which she had planned to take with her lover, who broke up with her.


Olivia is invited to the Sheriff's celebration dinner, as Ecklie's guest, where they continue to flirt with one another as Morgan and Hodges joke about their parents love for one another.


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