Open Water
Open Water
Season 4
Number 22
Writer Ildy Modrovich
Director Scott Lautanen
Original Airdate May 1, 2006
Previous Episode: Dead Air
Next Episode: Shock

Open Water is the twenty-second episode in Season Four of CSI: Miami.


A cruise ship that is docked in Miami is the scene for a double murder. Firstly the team investigates the death of a man who was in the water eaten by sharks. Next they have to investigate the murder of a woman whose body was disposed of in the ship's garbage room.


To the horror of the passengers on a luxury cruise ship, Mike Harris has gone overboard is torn to pieces by sharks before he's rescued. Horatio Caine suspects foul play as soon as he spots blood and a shoeprint on the railing of the deck. The shoeprint belongs to first mate Keith Murray, who claims he found Mike on the deck, disoriented, and struggled with him to get him away from the railing. A glass from Mike's cabin explains his state—he was drugged with diazepam, a sleep aid. There's also seventy grand missing from his safe, so the CSIs turn to Mike's new wife, Gwen Creighton, who Mike met and married on the cruise ship. Gwen tells them Mike was planning to take her teenage daughter, Mandy, to a show the afternoon he was killed in an attempt to bond with her. Mandy claims Mike never arrived to take her to the show. Delko recovers one of the sharks that consumed Mike, and Alexx is able to recover the man's leg. She notices a wound made by a knife, and not a shark's tooth, sending Delko and Ryan back to the ship to discover who stabbed the man.

Horatio is distracted from the case when Marisol Delko tells him an Agent Wynn from the FBI interrogated her about the situation in the lab and her arrest for marijuana possession. Angry, Horatio confronts the man and tells him to stay away from Marisol, though Wynn remains skeptical about the lab. On the ship, Ryan discovers blood spatter on the newly painted molding in a hallway, and a trip to the ship's sickbay reveals another mystery: the ship's doctor was treating Rebecca Faraday, a patient who she suspected may have had bird flu. The ship's captain, Quentin Taylor, asked her to hold off on alerting the CDC. When Delko angrily confronts him about it, Taylor insists he was trying to avoid creating a panic. Fingerprints on Gwen Creighton's access card, which was used to open Mike's safe, come back to Barry Judd, the ship's magician. He says Gwen was flirting with and he performed a trick to impress her—stealing the card, but he claims he gave it right back. His story doesn't hold up when Calleigh finds the stolen money in his magic kit. He denies killing Mike—he noticed the man on the bed after he took the money, but ran out without confronting him.

Valera finds dandruff in the glass that was spiked with diazepam, and she matches it to Mandy Creighton. The girl admits she didn't want to spend her last night on the cruise with her new stepfather; she was embroiled in a shipboard romance. Her paramour turns out to be Keith Murray, the first mate—he was the one who gave her the diazepam. Keith denies killing Mike; he only tried to calm him. Delko is looking for Rebecca Faraday, but no one has seen her. Delko and Officer Jessop scour the garbage room on the ship, which is virtually empty because Taylor was dumping most of the ship's waste into the ocean illegally, but they do find the body of Rebecca Faraday, with ligature marks around her neck, which Horatio recognizes as matching those of a strap from a pair of binoculars, which leads him to Taylor. Taylor claimed she was endangering the entire ship, but Horatio tells him the diagnosis of avian flu was an incorrect one. Another piece of evidence from the shark's stomach reveals Mike's killer: fabric from a dress, which matches the one Mandy is wearing. Calleigh talks to the girl—she resented her mother for marrying for a fifth time and took out her anger on Mike, stabbing him and pushing him overboard. The cases closed, Horatio finally gets to spend some time with Marisol, and the two decide to marry.


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  • Horatio and Marisol decide to get married to one another.

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