Minor Character: New York
Name Ophelia Dichiara
Gender Female
Family Unidentified son (deceased)
City New York
Status Alive
Portrayed By Heather Kafka
First Appearance Night, Mother

Ophelia Dichiara is a woman afflicted with severe sleepwalking she can't treat who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation in Night, Mother in CSI:New York.


Dichiara had a son who died in a car accident, watching the police try to revive him by CPR. She's since been haunted by the trauma in the form of parasomnia, a sleep condition that leads to irregular sleep cycles her subconscious is responsible for throwing around different schedules, making her indecisively awake and asleep at random, unspecified times. She would leave objects in her house to bump into or otherwise physically attract her attention to wake her up, only this would regularly fail, and she would sleep walk out of her house far too often Pone night would get her into trouble when she was scene pressing on the corpse of recently murdered woman Rachel Camden. She's the obvious prime suspect, and Don Flack is ready to charge her, but Mac Taylor insists on investigating, hoping Dichiara's proven innocent. Sleep tests in her lab and her constant disorientation from her sleep state stretching hours after she was found at the scene prove her parasomnia, and an episode in the sleep lab shows the motions that she was making with Camden. But what damningly proves she's not the killer is splinters on her hands showed she pulled the murder weapon, a wooden stake, out of Camden, not in. When she comes to, she admits she realized her condition from bruises on her knees and gaining weight form nightly eating. She feared commitment or intensive psychiatric treatment if it got medical helps, and Taylor assures her the CSIs will prove her innocent, her tampering with a crime scene justified by her condition. They eventually do, going through the footage of that night and revealing Jason Walder, Camden's sexual mister outside of her marriage, as her murderer. Once he's arrested, Taylor personally arrives at her apartment after turning down a drink at the bar with Danny Messer, revealing what she was doing that night: she pulled that stake out of Camden and tried to revive her by massaging her heart, as her son experienced the night he died. He leaves her with that information in hopes her solace is of better health for her.