Minor Character: Las Vegas
Park Bang
Name Park Bang
Gender Male
Family Sung Bang (uncle; deceased)
Kora Sil (mother; deceased)
Unidentified father (deceased)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Shooting
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated/Hospitalized
Portrayed By Gavin Toy
First Appearance Say Uncle

Park Bang is a Korean abuse victim of his mother Kora Sil, who was in the Kkangpae Dragons, and later a murderer himself, appearing in Say Uncle in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Park and Sil immigrated into the US with Sil's husband, her brother, Sung Bang, and a neighbor, Jin Ming, who went under the alias of Mr. Pan and let Park and Dil use the computer at his business. The four adults all had criminal records, Sung with misdemeanors, but Park's parents and Ming had serious ties through Sil's husband to the Kkangepae Dragons, a street gang with a rare local chapter in Vegas.

Park's father died of AIDS, and sadly, Park somehow contracted the virus as well, likely due to the Kkangpae's activities. Sil signed up Park for a clinical trial to "treat" the virus he had, but it was partly for her own extortion from the doctor, Einsling, handling Park's case, Sil several times demanding increase of profits.

In truth, the drugs and other regimens were very aggressive and killing Park more than the virus, especially since he wasn't even close to AIDS yet. Sung got out on a misdemeanor, his Glock returned to him amongst his possessions, and horrified by what Sil had done to Park for so long, he took Park with him against Sil's will, Sil being hot on their trail once finding out.

Say Uncle[]

After buying Park a new shirt, sunglasses, and miscellaneous snacks, Sung goes with him to the market, where Sil's caught up with them both. Sung demands she stay back, but Sill has none of it, pulls out her S&W revolver, and shoots Sung dead. Park, being a witnesses, is horrified and fails to save Sung in time. Out of grief for his dead uncle and terrified to return to the trials, he grabs Sung's gun and almost immediately murders Sil, leaving her lying dead next to Sung.

The people at the marketplace run screaming, horrified by the sounds of shots and too scared or confused to give information because they can't and/or won't. Mrs. Lee, an elderly woman at the market, saw Park at the scene and took him to her house, Park taking at least one of the guns with him, to care for him in her hospitality. He was fed, played with some of her old toys, and then fell asleep, Lee becoming maternally instinctual especially seeing the scars on his body from the virus combined with the severe drugs he was on.

When Park's revealed to have been at the crime scene, they believe he's been kidnapped or is in danger, only worsened from finding his family's criminal records and gang connections. Mrs. Lee is soon found. After a brief stand off where she wields a gun to keep the police back, fearing for Park and herself, Park comes out and reassures her to talk her down.

While Lee's interrogated, her status unknown but very likely not worse for her as she's not treated as a suspect, Park's brought back to the clinic, not saying a word since he was rescued, even though he can speak enough English. Unfortunately, the team's reassurance of his safety don't stave off another repeat of his regimen and dosage, which the team obviously finds questionable and damaging to his health.

Einsling is eventually staved off by them from even one more shot with threats of reckless endangerment charges and insults of the illicit capitalism off Park's regimens. Park eventually talks, blaming Ming for both murders, using both guns in different hands; however, the forensics don't match up, especially since Sil's shooter shot from lower than either men's heights. They bring Park out, with dummies showing the trajectory of the bullets. When Park says Jin fell, they know he's lying.

When Gil Grissom sees Park holding his hand up like he's holding a gun to show his version, Grissom realizes although Sill shot Sung, Park shot Sil in retaliation, the angling matching since Park's shorter being a kid. Grissom later laments not only will Park maybe get better medical care in juvie, but he regrets solving the case for Park's sake of deserving better. If not incarcerated or even institutionalized, Park's condition could've worsened due to his HIV and the clinical trials that were killing him more.

Known Victims[]

  • Kora Sil (shot in throat and chest with Sung Bang's Glock 19)


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