Minor Character: Miami
Name Patti Welborn
Gender Female
Family Randall Welborn (brother; incarcerated)
City Miami
Pathology Robber
Accessory to murder
No. of Victims 1 robbed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Andrea De Oliveira

Patti Welborn is a robber and accessory to murder and Eric Delko's date, whose badge she stole.


Patti was Delko's one-night date for anonymous sex the two arranged by "toothing" each other in texts. To Delko's horror, she lifted his personal items from him, including his phone and police badge, and took them with her. Delko went into a panic when he realized the truth but couldn't remember Patti's name.

Patti's brother Randall Welborn, an at-large armed robber, stole the badge and pretended to be police when holding up Ed Guffrey and Clint Roster for their cocaine supply they were dealing. When Guffrey twitched wrong, Randall shot him, causing Roster to run for his life.

Amplifying Delko's phone signal, Patti's found and she tries to play it off as having realized she took the items by mistake. Nevertheless, she gives up Randall, who's incriminated by the gun he used and residue on his jeans and gives Delko back his badge in a plastic bag.

It's presumed Patti's incarcerated for robbery and accessory to murder and police impersonation.

Known Victims[]

  • Eric Delko (stole his belongings, including his phone and badge; her brother Randall later used his badge in murder)