Minor Character: Miami
Name Steve Lancaster
Darren Butler
Patrick Austin
Numerous others
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Arms trafficking intelligence
Terrorist and guerilla organization
Pathology Terrorists
Attempted Mass Murderers
Mass Murderer (Lancaster)
Murderer (Austin)
Attempted Murderer (Butler)
Modus Operandi Arms dealing
Varied shooting
No. of Victims 4+killed
Status Deceased (Lancaster; Butler)
Incarcerated (Austin)
Portrayed By Terry Serpico (Lancaster)
Sasha Roiz (Butler)
Mark Wystrach (Austin)
First Appearance Guerillas in the Mist

Peregrine Security is a terrorist organization appearing in season six of CSI: Miami. Hijacking a national security company, it was turned into a dealer's network of arms trafficking, one of the worst and most notable weapons being the DX4 Vaporizer.


Peregrine was a government-sanctioned American arms intelligence and acquisition agency, founded by Navy SEAL James Reilly, who dreamed of making the company a national security asset by cracking down on arms trafficking and destroying its operations to save millions of lives. Steve Lancaster was his partner in the company, another veteran he knew from his service. Customs would sanction them in tracking arms dealers and distributers, take the weapons off the streets, and if necessary, kill enemies posing serious threats. But Lancaster got greedy and egotistical, deciding to instead control the arms operations under the cloak and stonewalling of government sanctions, for money and power. With those intentions in full swing, and the rest of the company falling in line and sometimes even interested in such initiatives, Reilly was usurped as CEO by Lancaster, and the company threw him out completely. The hijacking went ahead swiftly, with government-sanctioned operations being done here and there successfully for the sake of providing enough dutiful satisfaction to never be suspected, let alone investigated. Eventually, they acquired the DX4, or Vaporizer, a volatile electronic firearm able to rip victims to no more than bloody spatters with a literal hail of bullets fired in the pointed and programmed direction. The weapon was not only being planned to be put to the test, but to be banked off by selling out the weapon of mass destruction to interested organized crime buyers, proxied through dealer Gabriel Soto.

Season Six[]

Guerillas in the Mist[]

The Vaporizer is used to murder dealers Eddie Padura, Pedro Rupan, and Hector Malcas, all Soto's subordinates. None of them make it, and they're all reduced to no more than their blood and shoed feet. Calleigh Duquesne immediately recognizes the weapon, and from their very scarce remains, the three dealers are immediately identified from past records. Soto's DNA is on a cigarette butt at the scene, and he admits being there and the three victims were al in his business, but he denies illegal work, especially shooting and smuggling. Customs Agent Tanya Thorpe appears and reveals the killings were contracted by Customs to Peregrine. The team personally meet Lancaster and mercenary Patrick Austin. They deny illicit activity and refuse search and seizure, especially of the Vaporizer, emphasizing their records and operations are protected from such legal scrutiny under the PATRIOT Act.

Hours later, Reilly follows Lancaster at a location where purchase details would've been negotiated and expertly murders him in a way that makes it extremely difficult to determine his death, leaving little evidence behind. Austin appears with clearance and demands the Vaporizer and full information on the crime and investigation. When Horatio Caine stonewalls back, revealing the gun wasn't at the scene, Austin swears to be back with reinforcements. Lancaster's death is expertly determined by Alexx Woods: an air bubble injected into his vein that clogged his heart. She clamps Lancaster's heart, cuts it out, places it in water, and cuts upon a chamber, revealing gaseous bubbles flying out and popping at the surface, confirming cause of death. Reilly's fingerprint is found on Lancaster's watch, but he's released with a story saying he left the print after shaking Lancaster's hand when reuniting after not seeing each other for years. Lancaster's laptop reveals the three arms dealers' deaths has a incomplete report, but Peregrine swiftly hacks the device, and in spite of the CSIs' best efforts to try and save the material, the driver is utterly wiped in a minute or two. Former executive director turned new CEO Darren Butler is met by Caine for the first time. Butler again stonewalls Caine into finding more information, again sitting government sanctions. he makes the same excuse with wiping the hard drive, insisting the files needed to be collected and secured, for they have sensitive information. When Caine asks about the gun, Butler finally caves and admits they couldn't find the Vaporizer, not knowing where it is and assuming it must've been stolen, which Caine is horrified and angered to find out.

Alexx finds the injection site was Lancaster's eye, where she found printer toner, which links Reilly to his computer repair business. He confesses, revealing the truth about Peregrine, and gets booked for murder. Soto's hair is found in Lancaster's SUV, and he's questioned on the docks he works at, where he's with his personal impersonator. Soto finally caves and admits his business, saying he found a buyer for the vaporizer and was ready to negotiate with Lancaster. Suddenly, sniper shots are fired out at Soto's doppelganger, causing Eric Delko to freeze and flash back to his own shooting. Unfortunately, the impersonator dies from his wounds. He and Duquesne find the sniper perch, and dusting for fingerprints, they find Austin's. Austin finds out in horror he didn't kill Soto, the intended victim, meaning he can't justify his killing by the law. Caine demands to know why Soto was a target, and Austin admits Peregrine wanted direct contact with the buyers, not Soto as a middle man. Caine more persistently presses for the Vaporizer, but Austin says Butler's with it in an undisclosed location and gives Caine his computer to find it: it's a private airport, where the exchange is already being made. Seeing Caine's cruiser approach, Butler uses the Vaporizer no the car with the two buyers watching. Caine gets out of the car in time before half the bullets make it explode, Butler bragging about to the buyers to sweeten the deal. Caine steps out aiming his service piece, and when Butler boasts he's got an advantage, Caine cuts him off mid-sentence by shooting him and the two buyers dead, each with one shot, smugly saying it can easily only take one while the car's still flaming.

Known Members[]

  • Steve Lancaster (CEO; deceased)
  • Darren Butler (executive director; deceased)
  • Patrick Austin (mercenary; incarcerated)
  • Two unidentified buyers (both deceased)
  • Numerous unidentified personal and affiliates (status unknown)

Known Victims[]

  • 2007
  • The arms dealer warehouse murders committed by Steve Lancaster with the Vaporizer:
    • Eddie Padura
    • Pedro Rupan
    • Hector Malcas
  • The port shooting committed by Patrick Austin:
    • Gabriel Soto (attempted: his doppelganger was shot instead)
    • Gabriel Soto's Body Double (sniped three times)
  • The airport standoff with Darren Butler and the two buyers:
    • Horatio Caine (attempted to shoot with the Vaporizer, then with handguns; missed and were shot and killed instead)


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