Minor Character: Miami
Peter Ashford
Name Peter Ashford
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Rehab clinic administrator
Pathology Stalker
Modus Operandi Camera footage brokerage
No. of Victims 3+ stalked
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Phil Morris
First Appearance Rush

Peter Ashford is a voyeur of the patients at his rehab clinic.


Ashford ran a high-priced rehab clinic which primarily attracted socialites and celebrities with its high fees. Patients included Holly Reese. Jolene Kitt, and Brody Lassiter. Due to his especially famous and important clients and residential patients, Ashford decided to add to his profits by placing hidden cameras in patients' rooms and across the facility. The photos and videos would be sold to to paying media outlets and other customers.

When Ashford saw Lassiter hanging from a noose, assuming he killed himself, he took the further step of covering up his crimes by turning the cameras away from the scene and moving Lassiter's body to the trunk of the stunt car he was using for his leisure. Lassiter was found dead on set while the car was used for filming. Ashford pretended to cooperate with police by providing info on the general routines of the clinic and showing investigators around while introducing the patients to the police. He was caught when he was found disposing of the rope used to hang Lassiter, after his reflection was caught in his ring in view of the camera lens he turned and computer techs enhanced the image. Ashford confessed to his crimes and was arrested and incarcerated accordingly.

Known Victims[]