Minor Character: Miami
Name Peter Truitt
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Holistic clinic employee
Pathology Murderer
Con Artist
Modus Operandi Cone snail venom
Proxy posthumous dismemberment
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 dismembered by proxy
2 framed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Stephen Amell
First Appearance Sleepless in Miami

Peter Truitt is a murderer, con artist, and conspirator appearing in Sleepless in Miami in CSI:Miami.


Truitt was the subordinate of Stacy Garrett, a holistic clinic founder, as well as secretly having an affair with her while she and her husband, Brandon, were going through proceedings in divorce. But Truitt saw Brandon as a threat, being resented by him and stymied from a relationship with Stacy from the divorce carrying on for too long. Stacy wanted Brandon gone too, but leaned on psychic Elena Manus more and believed she could "drain" Brandon's life, making everyone avoid suspicion. Truitt knew Manus was a fraud, but he stilled hoped for taking the chance regardless. Setting up a group consultation at Brandon's house, it goes better and Stacy and Truitt get up to leave. Truitt shakes Brandon's hand, with his own hand concealing a needle laced with Stacy's cone snail venom from her shop. The plan works, and when Manus "drains" Brandon, he succumbs to the poison and dies. Manus, hysterical and believing what she did "was real", manipulates client and sober patient Jason Reger to come to the home and be drugged with Datura, a volatile hallucinogen weed she uses on her patients in the most dire cases. In his stupor, she commands Reger without Truitt's knowledge to cut off Brandon's head and hands in his tub and dispose of the remains. Reger is caught in the Everglades with Brandon's head, making him the most likely suspect.

Stacy's eventually tracked once Brandon's identified, and she reveals the consultations she had with Manus. Just as well, she reveals a fertility chart was order and paid by her to be executed by Manus, and with Truitt as a surprised witness, she reveals it worked and she's carrying a baby. After Natalia Boa Vista is drugged with datura as well and sent into a violent spiral, Manus is taken into custody and reveals what she claimed as "psychic powers" she never assumed under Brandon's death. But finding the needle on his hand and tracking his symptoms, Dr. Tom Loman figures out the cone snail venom. Tracing the poison back to Stacy, she's confronted. But Truitt barges out, gun in hand, and confesses to everything, saying his for him and Stacy to be together. He then tries to run out, but when he reaches the road, he's hit a long haul truck, killing him almost instantly. Manus is arrested, and CSIs advocate for Reger to be acquitted in the trial, with Horatio Caine and Ryan Wolfe making a private pact to never reveal Boa Vista shot at them while she was drugged.

Known Victims[]

  • Brandon Garrett (poisoned with cone snail venom in a handshake; manipulated Elena Manus into drugging Jason Reger for disposing of Garrett's remains)
  • Elena Manus and Jason Reger (framed for murder)