Minor Character: New York
Name Peyton Driscoll
Gender Female
Family Mac Taylor (ex-boyfriend)
City New York
Status Alive
Portrayed By Claire Forlani
First Appearance People With Money

Peyton Driscoll was a Medical Examiner who was a member of the CSI:NY team. She became romantically involved with NYPD Detective Mac Taylor during her tenure, but has since returned to her home, London.


She was originally from London, England, and later moved to the United States. She trained as a Medical Examiner for around eight years, and worked in the field for eight years. For at least four of those years, she worked with some of the members of the CSI New York team, including Sid Hammerback and Sheldon Hawkes. She later became romantically involved with Mac Taylor.

Season 3[]

Peyton and Mac faced some difficulty in maintaining their relationship while remaining professional on the job, including their plans for dinners and time together constantly being interrupted by the demands of their jobs. In one instance, on Mac's birthday, the workload was such that Peyton's birthday party for him was reduced to her buying him a cupcake from one of the office vending machines and lighting a candle atop it. (NY: People With Money, Murder Sings The Blues, Heart of Glass)

Mac initially wished to keep their relationship secret, despite Peyton's desire to be more open about it. She was deeply hurt when he yanked her hand away from his face when he saw Stella Bonasera approaching, and when he accidentally called her "Claire," as in Claire Conrad, Mac's wife who was killed on 9/11. This prompted her to pull away from Mac, but they reconciled soon after. They later revealed to the rest of the team their relationship, where no one expressed any objections. (NY: Raising Shane, Silent Night, Heart of Glass)

Peyton was once injured on the job after a man slammed her head against the coroner's van and stole the body of a man that the MEs had just retrieved from a crime scene. The body was later found in the Hudson River, still in the body bag. To Peyton's shock, the man was alive, though in a permanent vegetative state. In the end, it was discovered that the victim had been intentionally placed in a state of hibernation by a combination of chemicals administered to him. (NY: What Schemes May Come)

She stood firmly by Mac's side after he was accused of fatally pushing kidnap/murder suspect Clay Dobson off a roof. She was offered a ten day trip to London to attend an ME conference, and invited Mac to accompany her, which he eventually agreed to (...Comes Around, Snow Day).

Season 4[]

Mac returned to New York without Peyton, who decided to stay a little longer to reunite with her family, though in the end, she decided to stay in London, and wrote Mac a letter stating this (NY: Can You Hear Me Now?, Time's Up).


  • She is one of two recurring characters from the CSI franchise who come from the UK (the other being Michael Travers from CSI:Miami).
    • The main difference between the two is that the actress who plays Peyton Driscoll, Claire Forlani, is really British (just like her character, Claire Forlani is from London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom), while the actor who plays Michael Travers, Christopher Redman, is Canadian (he is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada's largest city).


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