Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Raina Press
Gender Female
Family Tessa Price (daughter; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Slashing
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Kate Vernon
First Appearance Turn of the Screws

Raina Press is the mother and murderer of her daughter Tessa Press.


Raina was dating a man named Justin Mack by the time Tessa was thirteen. She always had a paranoid, disturbed jealousy of Tessa, as she recently found love again and dreaded Justin giving Tessa more attention. Raina tried to get Tessa to take the bus more, but she liked carpooling with Justin. She had a psychotic break and confronted Tessa in an argument. When Tessa defended herself and was walking, Raina grabbed a shovel and, screaming Tessa wouldn't take Justin away from her, slashed Tessa's neck with the shovel. Tessa died from her spine being cut and her lungs being too paralyzed for her to breathe, suffocating to death.

Tessa was later found where Raina left her, off a road near a forest. Justin was originally suspected of Tessa's murder, until they found the shovel used to kill her. It had Tessa's DNA and Raina's fingerprints. Raina was confronted in interrogation, where she bitterly confessed in a resurgence of her unhinged state. Willows, who hated crimes against kids, demeaned Raina for her actions, before Raina was arrested and incarcerated for second-degree murder.

Modus Operandi[]

Raina tried to keep Tessa from her boyfriend Justin by making her take the bus and not carpool with him to and from school. When that didn't work, Raina snapped during a confrontation with Tessa and slashed her neck with a shovel when she turned. Tessa's spinal cord was cut, causing the nerves in her lungs to die and Tessa to suffocate to death from her lungs not circulating her air.

Known Victims[]

  • Tessa Price (slashed the back of her neck with a shovel blade; suffocated from her nerves to her lungs being cut)


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  • Raina Press appears to be based on Penny Boudreau, the mother and killer of her daughter Karissa, out of jealousy regarding Penny's new dating relationship.