Minor Character: Miami
Name Randall Welborn
Gender Male
Family Patti Welborn (sister; incarcerated)
City Miami
Pathology Serial robber
Con artist
Modus Operandi Armed robbery
Police impersonation
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 attempted
5+ robbed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Frank Alvarez
First Appearance Killer Date

Randell Welborn is a robber and later a murderer, the latter with the use of Eric Delko's badge.


Randall was previously an armed robber in four attacks and thefts with his gun. When his sister Patti Welborn went on a date with Delko and stole his badge, Randall swiped the badge for his next attack.

Pretending to be a cop, Randall held up Ed Guffrey and Clint Roster and demanded their cocaine stash. Randall shot Guffrey dead over a false move, and Roster ran, Randall making off with the stash. Delko tracked Patti with his phone, which she also stole, and she sold Randall out.

Randall was arrested, and the gun and evidence on his jeans from the murder were found at his house. Delko demands Randall to give him his badge back, and Randall slams it on the coffee table in a plastic bag.

Randall was incarcerated for robbery, murder, and police impersonation.

Known Victims[]

  • At least four armed robberies
  • Ed Guffrey (shot once; stole his cocaine)
  • Clint Roster (held at gunpoint attempted to kill; he escaped; his cocaine was stolen)