Minor Character: New York
Raymond Harris
Name Raymond Harris
Gender Male
Family Miranda Thomas (fiancée; deceased)
City New York
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Starvation
No. of Victims 2 killed
1+ attempted
2 stalked
1 burglarized
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Clifton Collins, Jr.
First Appearance Nothing for Something

Raymond Harris is an ex-con and budding serial killer and nemesis of Mac Taylor, waging a war against him over the actions of ex-partner William Hunt in Season 7 of CSI:New York.


Harris was a low level drug and guns smuggler under the employment of Lucius Woods and engaged to Miranda Thomas. He was arrested across from the current location of the city crime lab by Taylor and Hunt in 1994, guns, drugs, and cash found in his belongings. Instead of responsibly serving his time, he was hit hard by Hunt, a dirty cop, not only stealing 100 grand from the stash, but murdering Thomas with his bare hands, scars Harris never recovered from. He refused to stay silent despite his fiancée's death, shouting "You know what you did!" at Taylor once when visit by him in prison shortly after his arrest. When he got out in early 2011, he waged a war against Hunt, Taylor, blaming him by proxy despite never knowing about Hunt's crimes, and Woods the totem of his criminal work, to destroy them all over Harris losing all he had and the woman he loved being hurt as much as him. He tied Woods to a bed for two weeks to start and dehydrate to death, then began a stalking and eventually escalating spree on Hunt and Taylor to finish his vendetta.

Season 7[]

Nothing for Something[]

Harris is first scene asking Taylor for directions with a map as part of the ruse, all to steal his wallet. He then returned it and said Taylor "left it behind". After quickly identifying Harris and their connection, Taylor warns Hunt, but Hunt pretends not to care. Only for hunt to corner and beat Harris on an alley before aiming a gun and snarling "What's done is done! Let it go!" When Taylor finds out, he sneers at Hunt Harris should've just been left alone. Harris later poses as a utility guy in his own apartment to bump key his way in to retrieve a stash of his guns and cash he hid in a niche.

Life Sentence[]

After luring Hunt to the lab with a text posing as Taylor, Harris fires into the lab, shooting Hunt in the arm and injuring several lab techs with an AK-47, leaving the gun behind at the shooting site, along with the map in his ruse. The building's the one where Harris was arrested. Hunt's later reported by Harris and put in a line up, but Harris pretends to forget and shrug it off before leaving. After finding the apartment and Thomas' blood, revealing it as where she was murdered, as well as Woods' corpse, Taylor figures out not only did Harris also want revenge on Woods, but Hunt killed Thomas and left an impression of his platoon ring in her blood, taking the smuggling money for himself. Confronting Hunt, Hunt not caring about the consequences and bragging about the toils it would take to try Hunt for the crimes, Taylor and Hunt are hit by Harris in a car crash. Harris shoots Hunt dead with a shotgun before trying to kill Taylor as well, but Taylor fires with his weapon to incapacitate Harris, then Hunt's piece when Harris commits suicide, shooting several times to kill Harris for sure and end the spree permanently.

Modus Operandi[]

Little to nothing is known about Harris' work under Woods' employment, but it involved smuggling of various drugs, guns, and illicit cash. In Harris' vendetta, he first tortured Woods to death by starving and dehydrating him to death for two weeks tied to his own bed. Weeks later, he stalked Hunt and Taylor, first posing as a stranger asking for directions, with a map showing he was asking about the location he was arrested in. He also stole Taylor's wallet and pretended he "was giving it back after leaving it behind". After breaking into his apartment with a bump key and getting his stash of guns and cash, posing as a utility man, he positioned himself in the building he was arrested in, just across from the crime, firing an AK-47 from the window and injuring or just missing several cops and lab techs, including Hunt and Taylor, after luring Hunt over with a text posing as Taylor. He then reported Hunt for beating him earlier and pretended to be confused in the lineup for further harassment. After the whole truth finally came out in his trail of breadcrumbs, he rammed Hunt and Taylor with his car, shooting Hunt dead with a Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun. Harris attempted to kill Taylor the same way, first intentionally, then again for a suicide by cop.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous drug and arms smuggling jobs under the instruction of Lucius Woods
  • 2011
    • March-April:
      • Lucius Woods (Tied to his bed and starved and dehydrated to death for two weeks)
    • April 29:
    • May 6: The attack on Taylor's office
      • Bill Hunt (Miranda's killer, attempted)
      • Mac Taylor (attempted; shot at but missed)
      • Numerous crime lab techs (attempted; all shot at and either injured or missed)
    • May 8
      • Bill Hunt (hit with his car, then shot dead)
      • Mac Taylor (hit with his car, then attempted to shoot; attempted to kill again in suicide by cop)


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