Rest In Pieces
Rest In Pieces
Season 10
Number 16
Writer Marc Dube,
Barry O'Brien
Director Sam Hill
Original Airdate March 11, 2012
Previous Episode: No Good Deed (Miami)
Next Episode: At Risk

Rest in Pieces is the sixteenth episode in Season Ten of CSI: Miami.


CSI links a dead body found buried on the beach to an old nemesis, Esteban Navarro. And a closer investigation of the crime scene could uncover a wealth of other shocking Navarro family secrets.


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Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Christian Clemenson as Tom Loman
  • Wes Ramsey as Dave Benton
  • Carlos Bernard as Diego Navarro
  • Kuno Becker as Esteban Navarro
  • Olivia Taylor Dudley as Elizabeth Clark
  • Danielle Bisutti as Gabrielle Wade
  • Ryan McPartlin as ASA Josh Avery
  • Raquel Welch as Vina Navarro
  • Alex Beh as Kirk Armstrong
  • Richard Herd as Judge Lambert
  • Cari Champion as Female Reporter
  • Victor Dios as Jogger


  • Kirk stumbling on the beach badly injured while looking for Chelsea, and his brief suspicion in her murder, is similar to Justin Barber being suspected of his wife April Barber's murder on the beach, covering it up by battering himself according to presented trial evidence.
  • Vina’s murder of her husband appears to be inspired by the Betty Lou Beets case.

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