Minor Character: New York
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Department Store General Manager
Pathology Serial Sexual Harasser
Sexual Assailant
Modus Operandi Sexual Harassment
Blackmail and Rape
Attempted Rape
No. of Victims 1+sexually harassed
1+sexually assaulted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Jeff Roop
First Appearance Shop Till You Drop

"Consider this between us. Nobody needs to know. I realize times are tough. You have to get what you can on the side, right? I completely understand. Of course, if I'm going to help you...I may need a little help myself."

Richard Grossman is a serial sexual harasser, assailant and a (possibly serial) rapist, as well as the murder victim in Shop Till You Drop in CSI:New York.


Grossman was the general manager of the Stonefield's department store at an NYC shopping mall. Grossman was later revealed to have a history of sexual harassment, resulting in several lawsuits. One such woman would end up being Alena Maybrook, who was caught by Grossman with a handheld video camera stealing cash from the store registers, which she was using to pay the employees being laid off around Christmastime. Grossman didn't know or care about that, or that Maybrook was dying of a rare and critical cancer, and just decided to use the video as blackmail for the next series of crimes Grossman had planned. Confronting Maybrook, Grossman swore to not report her if she didn't say "no" or fought back against being subjected to regular rapes and sexual exploitation as bribery to keep quiet. Eventually, once Maybrook got all the cash, disgusted and degraded by what she was put through, she confronted Grossman and refused to go along with the rapes any longer. Refusing this and with an appetite for more, Grossman violently attacked and tried to rape Maybrook again, stabbing her against a fake icicle in the display in a struggle when she was fighting back. After scratching his face and kneeing his crotch and gut, she finally killed him in self-defense by striking his temple once with a model tree branch in the display, causing him to tumble into a seat built into it. She ran off, and a pickpocket named Howie Simon was caught with Grossman's camera. Grossman's corpse would later be seen when the display rotated open. Maybrook would be cleared of murder, but she likely died from the cancer before charges could be pressed on her for robbery.

Modus Operandi[]

"It's even hotter when you struggle."

How Grossman sexually harassed various unidentified women is never specified, but it's likely they worked in or with Stonefield's or otherwise came across Grossman in the latter's business and/or personal life. When Grossman was raping Alena Maybrook, she was blackmailed with the robberies and threatened with reports if she didn't comply to be forced into intercourse and/or exploitation. When Maybrook refused any more once she was finished, Grossman violently attacked her, groping, assaulting, and trying to rape her again, but was ultimately killed by Maybrook once she beat him with a tree branch model in self-defense.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous unidentified women (sexually harassed and/or assaulted; possibly raped)
  • Alena Maybrook (blackmailed and repeatedly raped; attempted to rape again, but was killed by her instead)