Right Next Door
Season 4
Number 16
Writer Pam Veasey
Director Rob Bailey
Original Airdate April 9, 2008
Previous Episode: DOA For a Day
Next Episode: Like Water for Murder

Right Next Door is the sixteenth episode in Season Four of CSI: NY.


While CSI investigates a fire in Stella's apartment building, Stella comes to the revelation an abducted child may have been staying with the woman who lived next door to her.


When a crime scene is determined to be a sad accident, Mac sends Stella home since she's pulled 3 overtime shifts. On her way to her apartment, she passes neighbor Bonnie Dillard arguing with a little girl. Bonnie says she's looking after her niece whilst her sister is out of town. Hours later, Stella awakes to find her apartment filled with smoke, and the building on fire. She manages to rescue Bonnie's son Jason from their apartment, and reunites them outside.

During the investigation, Stella finds small pieces of paper in the ruins of her apartment reading 'Help Me.' And the team uncovers a body in the apparent ignition point of the fire—presumably a known arsonist called Sean Nolan, who they suspect died after setting the fire. But Mac has doubts, since the arsonist profile suggests they like to watch from elsewhere, and he had plenty of time to leave. The investigation reveals the body is of a young girl that Sean Nolan, who is discovered alive, asked to keep an eye on his pet goldfish. After learning the ignition point wasn't Sean Nolan's apartment, and the fumes had traveled through the air vents to his open window, they uncover a lighter in Bonnie's apartment. Prints on the lighter reveal that Bailey O'Dell, an 8 year old girl kidnapped over a week before, was the arsonist. Stella is grief-stricken, as she realizes that the girl she heard Bonnie arguing with wasn't her niece as the woman claimed, but Bailey, and that the girl was right next door to her all along.

The CSIs manage to find Bonnie when she tries to claim insurance on her apartment, but she won't give up the children's location. Adam, who had been following the 'Help Me' papers, found a hole in Stella's wall they were pushed through from Bonnie's apartment—specifically from Jason's room. Stella initially believes the hole was made to spy on her as it has a clear line of sight to her bedroom and of her while dressing, but when prints on the paper match Jason, Stella realizes he was sending her the notes, not spying.

After analyzing unique pollen on Bonnie, they are led to a flower field where the two children are found buried beneath the plants. Bailey is returned to her parents. Jason, whose name is revealed to be Austin Tanner, was kidnapped four years before and is reunited with his mother whom Mac warns Austin will have a hard time reconnecting with and tells her to be patient. Austin explains that he and Bailey started the fire in hopes of attracting the police so they could be rescued. The fire killing someone was an accident and Stella assures him that he's not in trouble while apologizing for not realizing he needed her help—for which he forgives her.

Meanwhile, Danny is revealed to have ditched breakfast with Lindsay after sleeping with Rikki Sandoval, the grieving mother of Ruben Sandoval who was killed a few episodes before, to make each other feel better.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Robert Joy as Sid Hammerback
  • AJ Buckley as Adam Ross
  • Kimberly Quinn as Bonnie Dillard
  • Austin Reed Whitlock as Jason Dillard/Austin Tanner
  • Jaqueline Pinol as Rikki Sandoval
  • Ron Melendez as Sean Nolan
  • Destiny Grace Whitlock as Bailey O'Dell
  • Lisa Vachon as Mom O'Dell
  • Heidi Schooler as Megan Tanner

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