Main Character: Las Vegas
Name Riley Adams
Gender Female
Birth Date November 11,1979
Family Unknown mother
Unknown father
City Las Vegas
Job Former Night Shift CSI
Rank Level 2
Specialty Ballistics
Status Alive
Portrayed By Lauren Lee Smith

Riley Adams is the Las Vegas crime lab's replacement for Warrick Brown. She first appears in the season nine episode Art Imitates Life. Her final appearance was in the season nine finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Riley pursued a career in law enforcement as a way to rebel against her parents, who were both psychologists.

Riley has a no-nonsense approach to her job. This is reflected in her personality, which is blunt and to the point. She has a distaste for euphemisms, especially those concerning psychology, which is evident when she first spoke to the grief counselor. In her appearances in season nine, she also seems to be a counter personality to Catherine Willows as she is not intimidated by her attitude.

Season 9[]

Riley joins the team at possibly one of the worst times imaginable. Firstly the CSI team are dealing with the death of Warrick Brown and secondly the team is also dealing with a serial killer who operates at a very fast pace. She and the rest of them manage to apprehend the serial killer. However one of his victims, a child, is still missing and the team manage to find him in the serial killer's makeshift gas chamber, she manages to save the child.

After Grissom's departure, Raymond Langston joins the team and Riley and Ray have a good relationship with each other as their personalities were alike. They immediately become closer when they become hostages in a basement in No Way Out. One of the people holding them hostage was severely injured, Ray tried to save him in order to build trust, so they may be freed by him however Riley saw this as an opportunity to use her gun whilst they were occupied. In the end, Ray saved the man holding him hostage and Riley managed to use her gun to disarm the armed suspect, they then got out and they were all saved by the LVPD.

She carries on working with the CSI team working on cases and making friends with them, particularly (most likely due to their age and flirty natures) Greg Sanders, however Riley and Catherine did not usually see eye to eye with each other, which caused friction with each other.

Season 10[]

In the Season 10 opener "Family Affair", Catherine finds a report from Riley Adams, written before her resignation, criticizing Catherine's leadership skills while also stating that she felt that the team was not working well together. That same report states that Adams accepted "a law enforcement position in the Midwest that offered more opportunities for advancement". This report stirs a fight between Catherine and Ecklie. It also prompts Catherine to start questioning her own leadership abilities. She was replaced by returning CSI Sara Sidle.


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  • Her gun was a Glock 26.
  • After Megan Donner, she was the main cast member that was there the least number of episodes.