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Minor Character: Miami
Name Rocco Damara
Victor Shetland
Gender Both male
City Miami
Occupation Former high school students
Pathology Murderers
Rapist (Victor)

Drug addicts Robbers

Modus Operandi Torture and stabbing
Rape (Victor)
No. of Victims 1 killed (both)
1 raped (Victor)
1 framed (both)
Status Both deceased
Portrayed By Scott Anthony Leet (Damara)
Mac Brandt (Shetland)
First Appearance A Few Dead Men

Rocco Damara and Victor Shetland are a duo of murderers responsible for the torture and murder of a classmate and friend of Darren's named Troy Faber when they were all teens. They were soon after exonerated after a witness recant, but their freedom was short-lived.


Damara and Shetland were two kids in high school with bad habits, including doing drugs in the woods. A classmate named Troy Faber caught the two one day and threatened to tell. The duo, afraid of their lives being ruined, scholarships and all, chased after Troy, caught him, and tied him to a tree. They tortured him to threaten him into not talking, even cutting his genitals, but when that still failed, and because they were still high on drugs, they repeatedly stabbed him to death with a javelin belonging to another student, Darren Riggs, leaving Troy for dead under the tree and then burying the javelin in the woods before fleeing. Frank Tripp was the officer first at the scene of the crime, the murder still haunting him to the day. Forensic and DNA evidence led to them being caught, and unfortunately, Riggs was incriminated as well because of the weapon belonging to him. The damning key piece was a witness statement that sealed their fates and left all three behind bars for 19 years. But in 2010, the witness recanted his statement, leading to their convictions being overturned and the three men set free. They were nearly attacked by an angry mob led by Faber's parents when Riggs spoke out at a podium, giving thanks for his own exoneration. he would regret this when the two killers revealed they were actually guilty at the party held for them, much to Riggs' horror, the duo insisting he keep his mouth shut and enjoy the celebration. Shetland took it even further and isolated Kayla Bledsoe, the singer who advocated for their exonerations, "to give thanks", where then he violently raped her. From there, the rest was unraveling faster and faster.

A Few Dead Men[]

Damara was found alone by Troy's mother, to whom he asked "What the hell do you want?!" and reminded of the judge's verdict. She just told him to stop talking and then stabbed him once in his chest with her husband's military knife. As she wiped the blood on Damara's pants, he tried to swat her off, her grabbing his arm and one of her fingernails breaking and being left at the scene. As Damara was dying, Riggs, having gone and dug up the weapon, came back and proclaimed his getting justice for Troy, before stabbing Damara the exact same way Troy was murdered, down to mutilating Damara's genitals. Shetland, on the other hand, was panicking once he knew Bledsoe was getting a rape exam so she could press charges. he snuck into the hospital to try and kill her, but when Horatio Caine spotted him, he ran, a scalpel in his hand. he held a woman hostage outside as a bargaining chip, saying he wasn't going back to jail. Caine said he didn't intend for that either, before shooting Shetland and the woman running off. While dying, Shetland asks if the two killers will be forgiven on the other side, to which Caine coldly says "not a chance". Riggs would later be arrested after confessing to murdering Damara.

Modus Operandi[]

Damara and Shetland chased Troy Faber down while high, then tied him to a tree armed with Darren Riggs' javelin point. They started torturing him in hopes he'd never talk, but they ended up killing him instead by repeatedly stabbing him with the weapon. They left him for dead tied to the tree, cutting his genitals beforehand. When they got out, Victor got Kayla Bledsoe alone under the guise of "thanking" her and then violently raped her. When he threatened a woman outside the hospital, he held a scalpel to her throat, which proved to be unsuccessful.

Known Victims[]

  • Troy Faber (tied to a tree, tortured, mutilated his genitals, and repeatedly stabbed)
  • Darren Riggs (framed as being a part of Troy's murder)
  • Kayla Bledsoe (raped by Victor)
  • Unnamed woman (held hostage with a scalpel by Victor; was rescued)