Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Roger Peet
Alias Thomas Pickens
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Carnival worker
Pathology Pedophile
Sex offender
Alleged murderer
No. of Victims 1+ sexually assaulted
Status Released
Portrayed By W. Earl Brown
First Appearance Justice is Served

Roger Peet, a.k.a. "Thomas Pickens", is a convicted pedophile and a suspect in the murder of Sandy Dantini, who was murdered at the carnival Peet worked at. Catherine Willows was especially cruel out of personally hating crimes against children, setting her sites squarely on Peet especially once finding out his record.

Peet was revealed to be innocent, as Sandy's mother Carla Dantini was revealed as the real killer, conveniently framing Peet to evade suspicion.


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