Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Unknown
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Night club manager
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Abduction
Reckless endangerment
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated, presumably executed
Portrayed By Joe Basile
First Appearance Bully for You

Romanini's Manager (real name unknown) is a murderer and abductor appearing in Bully for You in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


The Manager saw a homeless veteran, Lt. William Cartson, loitering around the club and bothering patrons. Cartson was wounded in battle and needed a medical pin and skull plate from the trauma, but his mental state never recovered and he ran off and became homeless. The Manager hated Cartson, who was rambling "Moses" repeatedly, on the property, so the Manager tried to give him a casino chip to make him buzz off. When that failed, the Manager shoved Cartson in a body-sized bag, drove out to a roadside cliff, and kicked the Lieutenant down the hill before driving off. The Manager assumed Cartson would get up out of the bag, but the Lieutenant couldn't open the seal and died inside the bag, not being found for two months and severely decomposing to bones and mushy tissues from the heat of Nevada.

When the CSIs did start investigating the crime, a match book the Lieutenant had while in the bag is traced back to the club. When the Manager's the questioned, he admits the poker chip but not the rest. When he says that was two months ago, he's brought in for questioning. Prodded for more details, the Manager confesses, assuming the Lieutenant would've climbed out of the bag and justifying his actions as doing his job. But Nick Stokes tells him that treating another human being like garbage is not a job, it's a choice. The Manager is then incarcerated, and likely executed given the statutes of killing civil servants.

Known Victims[]

  • Lt. William Cartson (abducted in a body-sized bag and kicked down a hill; inadvertently left to die from exposure).


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