Minor Character: Miami
Name Ron Elner
Hayley Wilson
Gender Male (Elner)
Female (Wilson)
City Miami
Occupation Pit crew chief (Elner)
Publicist (Wilson)
Pathology Murderer (Elner)
Proxy murder (Wilson)
Con artists
Incriminator (Wilson)
Modus Operandi Chemical immolation
Car sabotage
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Incarcerated (Elner)
Portrayed By Wings Hauser (Elner)
Lauren Holly (Wilson)
First Appearance Grand Prix

Ron Elner and Hayley Wilson are a duo of saboteurs and killers motivated by success in the Grand Prix.


Hayley Wilson was hoping to sign a major deal with millionaire Charles Jeunet, so long as she had a way to get out of a contract with sponsoring Grand Prix racer Jimmy Hutton. Wilson recruited the chief of Hutton's pit crew, Ron Elner, to tamper with Hutton's car, reducing his performance to make him lose more races, which left Wilson open with more promising offers. One of the crew man, Chris Petrie, found out about Elner's activities, so Elner set him up for murder. Drenching Chris' gloves in potassium chloride, Elner arranged for him to refuel Hutton's car during his last race. When the nozzle was inserted into the car, a spark ignited the sulfuric acid drenching it when, mixed with the potassium chloride, rotted right through Chris' fireproof gloves with a white hot chemical reaction. Confused and unable to be heard and saved in time, Chris screamed and collapsed to his knees, putting his hands his helmet, leading to his death from his face burning down to his fat tissue as badly as his hands.

When the cause of death was figured out, the crew were all checked for marks on their hands as a result of chemical exposure. Elner was found with one on his hand, and he dared the police to arrest him, which Caine swore to in time. When the car sabotage was revealed, Elner was brought into interrogation, confronted with the evidence. When Caine asked why Elner through his career and freedom away, Elner refused to give up Wilson's involvement, being arrested and incarcerated. Caine confronted Wilson, who didn't admit outright to employing Elner's actions. However, she was horrified Caine told Jeunet the truth, breaking their deal and buying Hutton out. He eagerly agreed to the huge payment, which Wilson desperately trying to stop it by saying she made Hutton famous. He just said she should let him go, and when she turned back, Caine taunted her that she failed and walked away.

Modus Operandi[]

Wilson ordered Elner to sabotage the car of Jimmy Hutton to reduce his performance, which she could use to invest her sponsorship elsewhere. Elner was caught by Chris, so Chris was killed as a witness. Hoping to disguise the murder during a race, knowing Chris has a fireproof suit, Elner drenched Chris' gloves with potassium chloride before he got to his stations. Chris' gloves were set on fire when sulfuric acid on the nozzle of the fuel hose made a spark when inserted in Hutton's car. The chemical reaction led to a high acidic and hot breakdown of the material of Chris' suit, starting with his gloves. Unable to save himself in time, Chris placed his hands on his helmet, which also melted from the acid, burning his face and hands down to his fat tissue and killing him in the span of time it took to do so.

Known Victims[]

  • Chris Petrie (burned his face and hands with sulfuric acid coating fuel hose nozzle, igniting potassium chloride deliberately soaking his gloves)