Minor Character: Las Vegas
Ron Kean
Name Ron Kean
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation Game developer
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Stabbing
3d printed disguises
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 framed
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Joe Adler
First Appearance Under the Skin

Ron Kean is a murderer appearing in Under the Skin in CSI:Vegas.


Kean was a game developer with exceptional photorealistic rendering talents, getting him a job under the employment of Sandra King, the CEO of the company he worked for. Because of his aged mother needing home care in Red Rock Canyon, Kean needed his own hours, which spanned from developing games to printing 3D models, but he was always a stellar employee who produced promising results. Kean, however, was behind all this a bitter sexist, as misogyny did have an impact on the gaming world, and Kean wanted to come out on top with his ambitions. However, when a competition to get his game developed was between him and colleague Kelly Li, Kelly won, which left Kean furious.

Planning to get revenge on Sandra and Ben Miller, one of the leading programmers, feeling "strung along" in his work in the company by them and underappreciated from losing his chances, he printed a mask appearing to look like Ben's face, then painted it with his features, as well as bought colored contacts to match Ben's eyes. He also printed plastic replicas of bladed weapons used in one of Sandra's games, Death Spiral, as an added spiteful insult to injury. Stalking Sandra to a meeting she was to have with Kelly at a fountain, where they'd begin running to discuss game plans, Kean jumped Sandra, body slammed her into the fountain, and stabbed her twelve times in her chest and once in her throat with the plastic weaponry. Leaving Sandra in the fountain to die, Kean ran soaking wet down the path Kelly was heading, and she ducked behind a dumpster while watching Kean run in the opposite direction of her, as well as a witness.

The knives were found in a dumpster near the fountain, matching the wounds without any marks on her bones and testing positive for Sandra's blood. Kean used The con against Ben almost works and does get him briefly arrested, but ATM footage shows the "frozen" face on his mask and two different colored eyes, one showing Kean's true hue of blue since he left one of the contacts at the scene. On top of that, the witness was tracked and gave description confirming the use of the mask. Kean's identified due to forensic software matching his gate in the footage and at a company party, but it's not enough for a judge's warrant. Going through Kean's trash, Maxine Roby can't find a tissue Kean was blowing his nose with since it was emptied. However, a plain view swipe of DNA and trace on Kean's jacket sleeve where he wiped his nose was taken, and Roby met Kean at the scene, noting his "lucky break" in a promotion after Sandra was murdered. He said it was because of his hard work instead, and when asked to show his arm, he insists the team get a warrant.

A stinger from a digger bee was found in the trace, which ties back to Red Rock and his mother's home. She actually lets the team search the property, and knowing the digger bee nests are all over the yards, the team find one nest damaged, with a fresh patch of dirt where something was buried. Brushing it up reveals the half-burnt plastic mask of Ben's face, which later was confirmed to have been made from the same plastic as the knives and tested positive for Kean's epithelial and salivary DNA that wasn't burnt with the mask. Kean's brought in for questioning, and a warrant provides the revelation of a scratch on his forearm from when Sandra fought back. As Kean is arrested, he protests women in gaming getting more press coverage, before being told by the team he'd be making the news for murder. Kean was later incarcerated for his crimes.

Known Victims[]

  • Sandra King (his boss; stabbed twelve times in the chest and once in the throat with plastic replica video game blades; left her in a fountain postmortem)
  • Ben Miller (framed by wearing a plastic mask of his face and colored contacts during the murder and in front of camera footage; was exonerated)