Minor Character: Miami
Name Ron Saris
Gender Male
Birth Date February 2, 1966
Family Julia Winston (ex-wife)
Kyle Harmon (ex-stepson)
City Miami
Occupation Confidential Informant
Pathology Double Murderer
Arms Trafficker
Modus Operandi Beating and drowning
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Alive
Portrayed By Kim Coates
First Appearance Ambush

Ron Saris is an arms dealer and confidential informant who appeared in seasons 6 and 7 of CSI: Miami. He is also Horatio's personal nemesis during this time.

Season Six[]


Ron Saris is first introduced as a suspect in the murder of a woman named Kathleen Newberry. All the evidence points to him, but unfortunately when Horatio Caine called Julia to bring him in, she called the federal police and had Horatio arrested for the murder of Antonio Riaz.

All In[]

Horatio flies back to Miami, after dealing with the Mala Noche, and approaches Julia who informed him of Kyle and her living arrangements with Ron. Horatio is very upset about this and fears for the safety of Julia and his son.

Going Ballistic[]

Ron was suspected by Horatio in an illegal-ammunition case, and married Julia, putting both her and Kyle in danger, forcing Horatio to fake his own death in order to free him up and go after Ron.

Season Seven[]


Julia and Ron get a divorce as Julia double-crossed him for Horatio in the season-seven premiere when he was planning to escape the United States by boat. He shot at Caine when Caine is revealed and ran; Horatio shot a fuel canister on the boat and blew it up, but his body was never found among the wreckage.


It's revealed that Ron survived the boat blowing up and was trying to fix his harshly damaged face when his plastic surgeon was murdered. He became a confidential informant for the Miami police, which ensured that Horatio and the rest of the teams could not arrest him for any crimes (as informants are given immunity), which was his intent. To get revenge on Julia, he rigs a cosmetic plasma blade at her door to disfigure her.


Ron makes a final appearance when he shoves a man into his pool, and it turns out that Ron's pool was filled with a deadly acid, killing the man that fell in. Later, his ex-wife shoots up the morgue demanding Kyle comes with her, only to be put in a mental hospital when it is discovered she is off her medication.

Known Victims[]

  • January 14, 2008: Kathleen Newberry (beaten, strapped into a car, pushed into a lake and drowned)
  • Julia Winston ( taped a plasma blade to her door, disfiguring her face)

Known Accomplices[]


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