Minor Character: Miami
Name Ronnie Hale and Leon Perez
Gender Male (both)
City Miami
Occupation Storm chaser (both)
Pathology Budding serial killers
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning
No. of Victims 2 killed
3+ robbed
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Jamie Bamber (Hale)
Bernardo de Paula (Perez)
First Appearance Blown Away

Ronnie Hale and Leon Perez are a pair of robbers and murderers appearing in Blown Away in CSI:Miami.


Hale and Perez were storm chasers working independently. Hale was also a greedy sociopath and decided to use the job as a cover for staking out and robbing evacuated homes, Perez a semi-willing accomplice. They went to a trailer park to rob the home of the Suttons, where daughter Ellie returned after she fought with her ROTC cadet boyfriend, Travis Renner. As she walked in on an active robbery, hale improvised by grabbing a golf club and beating Ellie to death, despite Perez screaming at him to stop and Travis watching through the window. Jared Boyleston, a radio meteorologist teamed with the storm chasers at the time, also witnessed the murder and fled. Hale ordered Perez to follow Jared and kill him, so Perez rushed after Jared, who turned and was shot in his throat with one of their weather-testing probes loaded into a potato gun. Hale planted the valuables in Jared's car to frame him, then fled with Perez.

The CSIs responded to the scene of Ellie's murder while three simultaneous tornadoes were ripping through Miami. The crime scene was destroyed, Ryan Wolfe was severely injured, and Ellie was blown out of the trailer, already dead, into a tree where the branches impaled her. Her parents were distraught, as she wasn't supposed to return home, but her death was swiftly determined to be murder from the golf club in the wreckage. A dog with bloody paws led Eric Delko to Jared, who narrowly resuscitated him by blowing air into his windpipe through a straw to give him air. Jared received surgery to remove the probe and was placed on life support.

The storm chasers explained away the equipment they left behind and identified Jared. The ruse of the stolen goods in his car briefly worked well enough for Delko to lambast Jared on his hospital bed when he woke up. Jared mumbled "I tried—" in choked gasps just before he coded. Travis was placed at the seen due to his brass polish being left behind and was suspected because Ellie was pregnant with their child, but he revealed he instead witnessed Hale and Perez kill her and steal her home valuables. The duo were arrested, with Hale smugly professing he'd make Perez take all the blame. Perez was finished after the murders and gave himself up with a full testimony to save his own skin and stop the violence. Both men were incarcerated for their crimes, Jared dies from his wounds, and the Suttons mourn their daughter while overlooking their destroyed home.

Known Victims[]

  • Numerous victimless unspecified robberies
  • Ellie Sutton (bludgeoned to death with a golf club by Hale; her unborn child was also killed)
  • Jared Boyleston (shot in his throat with a weather-testing probe from a potato gun; died at the hospital after surgery)